I’m officially a twit now, Why I like Twitter

I’m officially a twit now, Why I like Twitter

I do believe that I’m officially a twit now. I have been using Twitter for a few months now but I’ve only recently started to be active with it. I have hooked up with some well know pastors and authors, even a CEO, as well as some common everyday folk. It has become, for me, a place to meet new people and connect, there are some cool and fun folks out there that I’ve been able to relate to and even meet.

The problem that I see with Twitter and the rest of the social media crowd is just figuring out what I’m supposed to do with it, I have a Facebook and Linkedin accounts to and have had them for a while, but really never figured out the optimum use for them. Keep in mind that figuring out what I can do is not the problem, it’s figuring out what I should do is. I have the same dilemma with my personal website and my Blog, all though I getting the hang of my blog, just lack the inspiration to do it as often as I would like, my website is still a work in progress looking for a plan.

What I like about twitter is it gives me a look inside the life, thoughts of others and allows me to share my day to day life in real time with other, even the mundane every day task like fixing dinner. Share what God is doing at the very moment, saying to me, and be with others at the moment God says of does something in their lives. Others can be with me and I them while at the gym, at a conference, reading a book, even just witnessing the sun set on the beach. I have really come to love twitter, I still have not got it down, find myself at a loss for limiting myself to 140 characters to say something, but getting there. And I still do not have the texting from a phone down yet, I defiantly need a smart phone.

I’ll be honest, I was skeptical of Twitter at first, did not see its point of need. And, yes, it could be a huge waste of time. To me, it’s all in how and why you use it. And, no, it does not replace face to face time or phone calls. That time is always more valuable. But Twitter has helped me maximize time with the people I follow that I can not see face to face.

I thank God for twitter and the ability to be pastored by a dude thousands of miles away through technology. To be encouraged by others I would not even be able to meet in person.

So, take a chance and try it out for yourself. Tweet what you want, when you want.

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