I’m Tired of Church in America

I’m Tired of Church in America


I’m tired of going to church and seeing a big production. I’m tired of feeling like I’m at a rock concert or a funeral  when it comes time to worship in church. I’m tired of hearing shallow sermons presented with a flashy power-point and HD videos. Tired of message that are carefully filtered to be PC, not to offend anyone, so that it would Not Convince, rebuke, or exhort anyone. I don’t go to church to be entertained, I can entertain myself well enough on my own time. I don’t go to hear a sermon that sounds like a self help book. Of going to church that you do not need to bring your bible to. I feel that it would be too much to ask to simply have a pastor open the bible and expound on the word of God. I come to church to be with others on the same mission, Jesus’ mission He sent us on and to be equipped for that mission, to share the gospel and make disciples.

When I read the scriptures that is what I am longing for, what I read about in Acts, what I read church to be, is want I long for.

I want to erase everything I have learned about church in America, in bible college, seminars, books and the church. I want to open my bible and do what it say church is! Read what is God saying in the scriptures church is about and what the first church did, read it and go and do it. I want a church that looks just like that, what I see in the bible. I Would not come up with what we have in America as church by simply reading scripture, that’s not what would I come up with for what church is if I just read the scriptures, not what I see today.

The first thing we learn is its not about the gathering, its about mission.

And the mission is to reach every lost person with the gospel, and to make disciples of them.

And if I am on, living on that mission, then natural I would find, connect up, gather with others on that same mission. I would need those on the same mission in my life to encouraged me to stay on mission, to partner with me in the mission. We would keep each other on mission, encourage one another, pray for one another, equip one another with our gifts for the mission, that’s church.

To stay on mission I need people who are also on mission because I will get distracted and discouraged. That’s why we need to gather, be in unit for, not to gather in a room and be entertained for an hour a week.

Jesus was back and white about what church is about, to “go preach the gospel and make disciples” (Matt 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-18). The American church has made church all about me and my being comfortable, entertained, have a great gust experience, as if it was some hotel, restaurant or country club.

The second thing we read about church, is their love for each other, I want the love for one another I see in the scriptures. Jesus said the world would know we where His, His church by the love we have for one another. I want to gather with men who want to equip each other to take the gospel to the world not network to make sales for their business.

I think abut the love I see in scripture, the interaction I see between believers, love for each other, the sacrifice for one another, for Jesus, there were of one heart and one soul.

They did not get together and say lets practice community, lets practice fellowship, have coffee and donuts. No they where on this mission because they saw someone rise from the grave. They saw Jesus die, and then they saw Him alive and walking around. And now they have  to go and tell everyone, do you get that since in church today? No.

They did not care about their stuff anymore, themselves anymore, they cared more about being part of the family of God. This group of people that where going to get this message out.

They where a body of people who would, where giving their lives for Jesus.

That life, the church I see in scripture  makes since, what does not make since is to say I believe Jesus was crucified and rise from the dead, and then just gather in a room every Sunday, sing some songs, listen to a guy teach, and have coffee and donuts. If you walk in to a room with people doing just that, would you really believe they say someone rise from the dead. No way, you would say if that where true you would be doing more than that.

When I  am with the gathering of the body, the church I want to say this looks like, this feels like the bible, like the book of Act’s.

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  • Mike W.
    Posted at 18:16h, 04 July

    You did a great job in expressing something I’ve felt for several years. I plan to share this with my church – not sure how yet, but I will.

  • Jobbie M.
    Posted at 06:58h, 02 September

    dude – you’re on point with where i’ve been for years. I can’t take it anymore. When you find that church let me know but i think you’re gonna be disappointed. good luck

  • christine
    Posted at 09:37h, 26 January

    Dude you hit the nail on the head,im so tired of church.i was also going through a bit of a struggle and was trying to call my pastor and his wife.i didnt get a return call,maybe that was Gods way of saying keep your business to yourself because their people too!!!!