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Invitation to Imitate

Invitation to Imitate

I was thinking it is amazing to think that God invites us to imitate Him, Jesus said to imitate Him, live the same life He lived. The Apostle Paul invites us to imitate him as he imitates Jesus. That we have all His power at our disposal, that we can inherit all His riches, they are ours if we chose to come and trade our lives for His, choose to imitate His life.

“Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ.” 1 Cor 11:1

But yet only a remnant, a small number of people every chose to take up His offer, to live a life imitating Him, living out life just as He did. To accept and receive all the inheritance that is ours to have, His power, gifts and riches.

But yet if Bill Gates, or Warren Buffett where to make the same offer, to say come imitate my life, live out my life, receive the inheritance of my wealth. There would be a stampede of every man, woman and child older enough to understand what is theirs to have. To take them up on their offer, to live out their life, life style, and take all they have as their own. Herds of people would stampede to their door to take up their offer.

It is just beyond amazing that the God of creation, Jesus Himself says come and follow Me, imitate My life, it is yours and all it inheritance for the asking. Everything you see me do you will do and do even greater things. And yet only a hand full take Jesus up on His offer. He offers a greater greater life, greater inheritance than anyone would have intimating Gates or Buffett, but He has few takers, not even those who claim to be Christain rush to take the offer.

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