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Is this My End?

Is this My End?


This photo from Japan just broke my heart, emotionally I broke down and cried with her, I see the pain in her heart, feel her pain in my very being.

I connected with her, felt her pain because it touched the pain inside of me. When I look at her setting among the runs, only debris left of what was her life, overwhelmed by the loss of everything. Hopeless after such a catastrophic event that in a few short minutes took everything away.

I see myself in this photo, only difference is the earthquake has hit and taken much and now the tsunami is coming. Barring down on me about to take everything away and leave me like her, alone, among the rubble of what was once my meager life, with nothing, not even hope left of a what could be.

Even though with each passing week God seems to deliver me messages of hope, that everything will work out, every Sunday I have gotten timely and related messages as to my life situation. Words given to me in one way or another and then expounded on by others as if to conferem the word was from God to me. But yet the approaching tsunami is relentless in its coming, closer every day, it has not relented in its coming and what it will do. Nothing has changed, no soultion to stop the coming end.

And if it hits, their is no help, no hope, all that will be lost cannot be rebuild or replaced. Life will not go on, there will only be as in this photo, me alone among complete and utter destruction. Because it will also take away all hope of what could be, any chance of a real life, one worth living anyway. Like her I will be sitting on the street alone among what little I had scattered on the ground around me.

It’s total in God’s hand now (as it always has been), only He can stop it, change things, help me. I have walked in faith believe He would work things out, that everything would work out, life would come, that it would not come to this end. I have stood on His promises, believing He will keep them. But time is running out now. I accept His will, surrender to Him and His will for me, what ever that is.

I do not know what became of this young girl, but I prayed for her, that God would be with her and comfort her, I know her pain and no one should ever have to feel it.

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