J. D. Greear On Calvinism

J. D. Greear On Calvinism

When it comes to Calvinism, JD Greear’s short teaching here much of what he says sums up where I am at, but not 100%. I have been revisiting the Calvinism position on election. In this short (8 min) much of JD’s message  gave me clarity of where I am at. I do not claim to be a Calvinist, I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, I am in no mans, any theologian camp, I’m in Jesus’.

Like JD says, there are things that God calls secret, and that drive theologians crazy, things that God did not and will not tell us (read Job sometime). God says there are secret things, and he does not hold us responsible for them. What He does hold us responsible for are the things He has revealed. I find myself to busy trying to understand, apply, live out the things God has revealed, to try and figure out what God says is secret.

JD’s advice that gets a Big Amen from me is: Don’t cut off bible verses that don’t fit your theory, your theology, in order for it to work, expand your theory’s to match all of scripture. Believe what the bible teaches, sit humbly underneath it, and do what it says. That is open you bible believe it and do what it says.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ, Not a Calvinist, nor a Arminian.

I was told to preach the gospel, to Go make disciples, baptize them, teach them to do all that Jesus commanded, and so I stay busy doing that.


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