Leadership – Church Planting Conferences, Then and Now

Leadership – Church Planting Conferences, Then and Now

I was thinking this weekend about leadership/planting conferences and just how much things have changed. The agenda of so many conferences that happen these days really concerns me. There are still some good ones out there, but some not so much, so one really need to be careful in picking one to go to. Here are some comparisons to church conferences 25 years ago was like compared to todays.

25 years ago: Prayer was the centerpiece of the meeting, a lot of time was devoted to seeking Gods will, plan for the church. The presents and guidance of the Holy Spirit was sought wholeheartedly at every point. Everything was taken to God in prayer to seek His approval.

Today: Prayer is just short opening and closing statements.

The Agenda

25 years ago: It was how to get the gospel out, how to present the gospel to this generation, to reach the lost and see the world saved. How do we equip the people to go and witness to the world.

Today: The speakers come armed with marketing and business plans, most conceived by professional marketing company’s, the majority are even secular marketing companies. Business models taken from wall Street adapted to doing church.

25 years ago: How do we transform the body into the image of God,

Today: How do we transform God and the church into the image of the world. Change the church to please and attract the unsaved to feel at home in the church.

25 years ago: The focus was, the person of Jesus Christ, the Word of God, the Holy Spirit, worship, holiness, sanctification and prayer. Emphases of going into the world and reaching the lost, salvations. The vehicle, missions, outreach, the daily lives of the body and church planting.

Today: The focus, marketing plans, business models, entertainment, how to attract and keep people coming. Multi-site church franchising.

How things have changed.

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