Lessons From The Wise Men #1

Lessons From The Wise Men #1


It’s not the fast-paced songs or the dynamic highly skilled band or the fancy light show and sound system that helps us worship, that is have real worship. It’s our personal revelation of who God is that leads us to a place of reverent worship where we do not feel the need of a worship leader or a band to get us there. The wise men knew who Jesus was and therefore required no high adrenaline music, no introduction, no motivation. Absolutely nothing but the revelation of God drove them to seek Him out and brought them to their knees in worship before Him.

And that is where I have been seeking to be, live from, worship from. Its only a passion to know and see Jesus, God the Father that drives us to that place. Only out of the true love from true knowledge of God and Jesus that we truly enter into that place of passionate worship that requires nothing more than our love for Jesus.

This is one of my goal this year, to burn like incense, like one of the seven lamp-stands that burn before God 24/7. I what to burn before God in pure worship of Him for who He is. Out of a fiery love, I want to love Jesus with the same fiery love God the Father has for Him.

Many worship Jesus for healing, for deliverance, for feeding them, but the wise men worshipped Jesus for who He was. They did not see Him heal the blind, raise the dead or walk on the waters but they worshipped Him. Our life will truly change when we begin to worship God for who He is and not for what He can bless us with.

Think of Job, he worshiped God immediately after losing everything, who could he because he knew whom God was and could fall on his face and worship Him for who He was, any place and time.

This is why I am looking forward to the next four nights of worship and prayer at the Onething conference here in KC, five hours a night of engaging worship and prayer to end the year with.

May the way I an ending the year, in worship and prayer, be the way I live every day next year, worship God out of a ever growing revelation of and knowledge of who He is.

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