Levels of Worship – Part 2

Levels of Worship – Part 2

Part two of yesterdays post on Levels of Worship.

Luke chapter 7 illustrates the difference between just showing up and worshiping God. We read Simon invited Jesus into his home, but he didn’t really welcome Him. Simon failed to show Jesus any of the common courtesies that were custom at that time, no kiss on the hand or cheek, no water to wash His feet, and no oil to anoint His head. Simon knew all about Jesus, but he didn’t worship Him. But the woman, the prostitute, came in and washed Jesus’ feet with her tears, kissed His feet, and anointed them with expensive perfume. She was reckless in her love for Jesus. This woman had more than a knowledge, she did more than just show up, she had a relationship; she worshiped Him.

This is why I am a on the floor kind of worshiper, up front and personal, I go to wash Jesus feet with my tears, kiss His His face, hands and feet and anointed Him with the fragrance of my praise. Anoint Him with the perfume of my love, and burn as incenses before Him. Not just show up at a “worship service”, but go to engage Him, to adore Him.

It is easy to fall away from this level of worship, I have many a time, this level of worship of God is not first nature to our sinful flesh. This is why I choose not to be part of a church gathering that does not have passionate worship. We cannot worship above the level of worship of the environment we are in, the others around us. I must be with like minded people, who are on the same level of worship as I am, a church that offers the freedom to passionately worship God. To be reckless in my love/worship of Jesus.

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