Levels of Worship

Levels of Worship



I came to the realization that the worship services at Forerunner Christian Fellowship (IHOP) called “Encounter Service” as well as when we where doing the “Awaking Services” four nights a week they really where a good live demonstration of peoples worship life with God. This is what I mean.

The 1st level is those of us (me included) who take to the floor in front of the stage, or the alter as its often referred to. We are the ones who worship God with all our being, the fiery passionate ones. The ones who are their to get in God’s face and worship Him. The ones who worship with total abandonment. The ones like myself will not settle for any other place other than on the floor, front and center before God. The floor is where the radicals are, we stretch out our hands to God, sing with loud voices, cry out our own words of love and praise to God. We dance with joy. We laugh with joy. Cry with total awe of God and what He has done for us. We lay prostrate on the floor overtaken by God. We fall before Him unable at time to speak, just soak in His presence. We expect God to show up in power. We pursue God tell He shows up or we ascend before Him in heaven, that’s why we are their.

2nd level, are those who set in the chairs on the floor. This is made up of three groups, those who want to be on the floor, but got there too late to get on the floor. Those who do to circumstance, such as have young children with them and need to stay with their kids. Thirdly those who are passionate worshipers but not quite at the level as us on the floor. The are engaged in deep heart worship, stand with hands raised, but that is where they stop. They like to go to the edge of the fire, but not go into it.

3rd level, our those in the bleachers, this is a mix, a few who got there too late to get on the floor, or even a seat in the floor, but want to be there. Next is those whom really are not there to encounter God, to worship Him with deep passion. The might sing with a song or two that they like, even raise a hand, if the song calls for it, but that’s it. If you look around you will find people texting on their phone, having conversation with each others next to them. Pretty much occupied with other things, not God. This area is pretty much worship at best what you find in the average church on Sunday morning. They are there physically, but not with all their hearts, they do not go expecting to encounter God.

4th level, these people that are walking around, mostly saying hi to others setting in the bleachers and the others walking past them doing the same thing. Or they stand in the lobby talking with each other, or outside the entranceway talking with each other or on the phone. I feel these people are just their to been seen and so they can say “I was at worship”.

I think this really is a great example or proving ground to what kind of worshiper someone is. Me like I said I’m and there early and up front on the floor kind of worshiper. This is why I can no longer or will not go to a typical church service, where you set in pew and watch a rock show be put on for 20 min or so. I have to worship God with all of my being. And I go expecting, desiring God to move, show up in power. Read part 2

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