Missing the Point of the Gospel in Church Planting.

Missing the Point of the Gospel in Church Planting.

While at first Friday, a monthly event in the art district here in Kansas City. Came across still another new church in the art district, the third one in a two block area.

I was amazed to find out while talking with the “pastor” that he said “we are not about reaching the area, we just want to gather here at this location”. He went on to explain they have no ambition or desire to reach the community in the area, just travel there from other parts of the city where they lived, because it is the cool and hip part of town and want to meet there.

I would not call him a “church planter”, and reluctant to even really call him a pastor, because he does not have the heart of the gospel or Jesus, for the heart of the gospel and Jesus is to reach the lost. Go and preach the gospel and make disciples is the call, mission of the church. Not to gather in in cool and hip places.

I am hearing such stories to many times these days, seeing no passion for the lost, no crying and weeping over the lost, no cry such as that of John Knox when he preyed “Give me Scotland or I die!”. I have a really hard time finding a “church planter” today who’s prayer, passion is that of John Knox for their neighborhood. Especial one’s who’s actions back up such a prayer.

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