Multi-site Church Planting, Is this really church or just for profit?

Multi-site Church Planting, Is this really church or just for profit?

The problems I see with the multi-site church, why do I not like it, I feel it is moving the church totally in the wrong direction, away for community, more towards just being a show we put on.

1. It is continuing down the road to make church impersonal, a spectator event that you merely attend, in fact not even the pastor attends it.

2. Detrimental to creating and having community .

3. I think it puts in a dangerous territory of being really egotistic, it is saying that one pastor alone can do the job of pastor/teacher for the whole city, the state or even nation, so we must teleport him instead of sending out others God has called and gifted to be pastors.

4. Takes away the use of others in the body God has called to be church planters and pastors. So now what do we close all the seminaries now, becouse we no longer need to train pastors, we have no use for any more of them.

5. Isn’t this just turning the body into consumers, creating a pre-packaged product, mass produce it, franchise instead of a living organism lead and controlled by the Holy Spirit.

6. Removes the pastor from being over a flock, he has no personal contact or involvement with the people he is to pastor, in fact he does not even see their faces from the pulpit, because he is not even there.

7. Didn’t we just spend the last 5 years telling pastors the need to contextualize the gospel, their sermons to the culture and needs of their neighborhood? And now we are saying take the same message and broadcast it to every neighborhood and culture. Hum, very confusing.

Bottom line, does this really accomplish what the church is about, to be, when we look at scripture. How does anything Jesus did or we see in Acts even remotely look the same.

And what saddens me is the number one motive, justification I keep hearing in support of them is extreme profit, how much money can be made with them, that they are a great profit center. Since when is that what church is about.

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  • David Meysembourg
    Posted at 10:50h, 09 February

    Hey Denise,
    I just found your blog, loved the post on community and church, you are right on.

    I do, however, disagree with this post, and would like to share my reasons why as a multi-site lead pastor. Be careful in lumping all multi-sites into this. Most that I know of are thriving because of increased opportunity for community, and offer chances to be involved in service that is aren’t possible without them.

    Our teaching pastor doesn’t attend our campus, but I do. As the lead pastor, my focus is building community and life transformation at my campus. Since I don’t teach every week (I do 10-12 times a year), so I have time each week for community and pastoring rather than being closed in my office writing a sermon.

    We have a very creative community in our campus(es); dramas, video creation and editing, dramatic and responsive readings. All growing out of community.

    And our pastors are seminary trained, though the training is used in very non-traditional ways and may be from non-traditional seminaries.

    The campus I pastor at, a church of 250 meeting in the performing arts center of the local high school, is 2-1/2 years old. We have yet to “turn a profit” monetarily, but we are making a difference in our township, baptizing people and helping the poor.

    Not all multi-sites are bad. And not all single location churches are effective in carrying the Gospel.