Multi-site Churches Blog Dew Big Numbers and Many Attacks.

Multi-site Churches Blog Dew Big Numbers and Many Attacks.

I think my name and Blog where second only to Obama’s over the last few days on the web. My Blog was linked to and my name mentioned on more Blogs and sites that I could list. I set a 3 day record on number of hits on my website. All traffic generated by my Blog on Sunday on my views on the new multi-site church concept, unfortunately most where attacks.

Yes I know there are some who are doing a good job with this platform, but it is few that are. Even with the few doing a good job with it, I still believe it is taking us the wrong way to do church, not how church should be done.

I would like to say this in response to it; most all of the ones I have had the time read so far only offer in defense, evidence that try to prove it is good, and I can only say I find them not valid. The only two arguments presented that I read everywhere, it is right, good because it is producing big numbers, large crowds of people and big income.

So big news, the church has caught up with the modern business world, learned about franchising and mass marketing and that it works. Leaned what Ray Kroc (McDonalds) implemented 60 years ago and perfected. Create a pre-packaged product, mass produce it, franchise it out and deliver it in a palatable from, with constancy, that is the same menu, recipe and packaging with fast service, and get max profit. The church has discovered what business has been doing for years, consumerism. Learned that great marketing tricks and plans draw in mass numbers of customers. Do it by creating prepackaged goods that meets consumers perceived wants and needs with quick drive through service speed.

Yes! multi-site churches will draw in big crowds but since when is the number of people coming to something the judge, the measuring stick to what is of God, blessed by God, good and right. Large attendance does not mean it is of God, blessed by God or even a good thing. Does the end numbers justify the means? Of course not.

The goal and purpose of church has never been to simply get people to attend some form of experience called a church.

The real question is what are you selling them, drawing them to, what is this pre-packaged product, mass produced goods you are offering? Is it the real church we see in Acts, the one Jesus died to start?

How did we get to this point of thinking that success is large numbers, large attendance by any means? That just as long as people are attending we have succeeded. Thinking that church is “anything” that creates large crowds and keeps them coming back, entertains them.

Real Church, the biblical church. Is something of the Spirit, too powerful to be replicated by human effort in a pre-packaged program. Because it is a God thing, a Holy Spirit induced, created thing that only He can make happen. Real Church can not be pre-packaged and mass produced, but a imitation of it can be.

Maybe it would be better to ask ourselves this about a church service!

Is this is what Jesus came and died for us to be part of?

This is what the gates of Hell shall not prevail against? …….Really?

Did Jesus really have to die to make happen what happened, how you did church?

Did it require the presents of Jesus, the Holy Spirit to make the service happen? Or is it something man alone make it happen?

Could everyone see that what happened at your church proved the necessity and result of Christ death and resurrection?

Did it enable the people to grow in the knowledge of and in the image and likeness of Christ?

Where visitors struck with awe and say only the power of God could have made that happen and not man?

I think these would be a better measuring stick for if it was church and church done right than how many showed up.

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  • Simonn
    Posted at 18:15h, 21 March

    Great post, but its a bit long and most people like short and sweet posts!