My Favorite Pastors and Churches Today

My Favorite Pastors and Churches Today

Two pastor and churches that have quickly become my favorites of late, love the teaching of these pastors and they way they do church. These guys are leaps and bound a head of every pastor and church in America, they get it, what it is and what it is about. The get the gospel, what it is and what it is about.

The number one position goes to Francis Chan and the church he pastors Cornerstone Community Church

The number two position goes to Jimmy Seibert and the church he pastors Antioch Community Church

And a close third place goes to Matt Chandler

And then there is my sure foundation pastors, that will always be there on my list. Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, he was my mentor, gave me my bible foundation. And Greg Laurie of Harvest church.

I would move to LA just to part of Francis Chan church in a heart beat if that where possible, he is quite possible the only pastor in the US doing biblical church. For example his church forsaked the building of a new 20 million dollar building and opted to give the money to the poor. They now give 50% of their income to the poor and missions. And he plans to get that up to 90% in the near future. I have heard many pastor over the years gilt people in to given to them by saying you can tell a man’s faith, commitment to God by his giving, where he spend his money. I now put that back on churches, show me how much they give to the poor and missions and I will tell you where their heart is. How much they love God. The national average is that churches give less than 3% of income to the poor and missions combined that is unexceptable. I will not support a church that gives less than 50% to the poor, and is also working to give 90% away.

Just listen to he message here on what church is.

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