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My First 35 mm SRL Camera

My First 35 mm SRL Camera


I was going through some boxes I have not be in for a while and found my old camera, with a new roll of film even, it was my first 35mm SRL camera that I got in high school. It’s a Balda Werk Bunde – Prontor SVS,  35mm camera, it’s German made.

That took me down memory lane, I took some great photos with it while in high school, its what get me into photography, I later replaced it after high school with a Minolta XE-7 35mm SRL camera, then the top of the line.

Here are some of the photos from high school days.

Shelli Stahl in HSRisa Casey & Cindy Welch  img363

Lynn Audsley img338img109

Top left to right, Shelli Stahl, Cindy Welch with Risa Casey, Bottom Lynn Audsley, Dave Sanford, Ronnie Dameron and Lynn Hendricks, day after 4th of July.

I only wish I had taken a lot more photos back them, like everyday, every event to have captured most of my high school days. Today with a digital camera in every smartphone we can capture our daily lives and events to have to look back on.

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