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Never Alone

Never Alone

The next King of Israel anointed, the choice of God and not of man, surely his life would be plain sailing and all effortlessly lock into place- running for his life, and having to flee without even time to grab a weapon, no time to spare. Acting like a madman in the face of his enemies, finding himself all alone in a dark, damp, depressive cave…..this surely wasn’t God’s scripted plan? (Psalms 142:5-7)

The reality of life can sometimes catch us off guard. We find ourselves in places we didn’t even think possible; places where we didn’t even have time to prepare for….this wasn’t what we were expecting in life? I’m sure David felt exactly like that. All he had done was to give his best. Every task King Saul sent him on, he fulfilled in an excellent manner. He should have been the hero of the kingdom….but now he’s the hunted.

Have you ever heard the saying- ‘when it rains, it pours’! Well, I think David could have been the author of such sayings. He’s fleeing for his life and ends up in a cave. Once as a young man I had the opportunity to go ‘caving’ – apart from the (occasional) stalagmites and stalactites there wasn’t much else to see in that dark and damp environment. It certainly wasn’t a place you would want to stay in….and add the fact you were all alone to that too, it certainly doesn’t paint a very appealing picture.

In that ‘place’- one out of control to David, he decides to take control. He couldn’t change the circumstance naturally, so he changed the moment spiritually. David turned to God in his despair. So often, unlike David we try to do it all on our own- we think we can make the difference, but all we do is make it worse. David began to confess that God was his refuge (his dwelling place) – no matter what he saw around him – he knew what was in him. He began to claim that God was his reason for living and that God would be his rescuer and restorer.

Life is never fair – but God is always good. There will be times we feel all alone, and that no one cares….but like David we need to remind ourselves how wrong that way of thinking really is. The temporary ‘happening’ around us should not alter the permanent knowing (faith, belief) within us. With God we are never alone

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