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New Life & Hope of Fruit?

New Life & Hope of Fruit?


I have a grape vine in my backyard that I planted about 6 years ago, it has never produced mature grapes yet, the last three years it started to get grapes, little ones. But they just died off, never becoming mature grapes. The vine its self got massive, stretching out all over the place. But no fruit. I pruned it back a little every year, mostly just where it was over growing.

So this winter out frustration on taking up some much space by the gate and walkway, and never producing grapes. I cut it back to a mere stump, two feet high at best. I friend told me he heard that was what I needed to do, so I did. Well spring has come and every things else has spring up, leafed out and is green. Even some wild vines in the back. But my grape vine, nothing, I was afraid I killed it, it looked like a dead stump.

In a lot of ways I felt like that vine was like my life, fruitless, dead. Felt that was how God saw my life, fruitless and dead. And well just like my pruning the vine back to all most nothing, So is God doing so with me, my very existence hangs in the balance now. I am down to the bare minimum in life and on the verge of losing all that I have left. Me and the vine a like.

But then all of a sudden the vine has sprung life, new life has come out of what appeared to be death. A new twig, with leafs. New buds on another branch. Life has returned to it, with hope of fruit perhaps this year.

Looking at this I thought to myself, is this a sign of hope for me, that I too will make it, new life spring up of ashes, life come out of this bareness and death. Will new life come and I become a fruitful vine this year. Is this a sign that God has only pruned me down to a stump, to create a new thing. New life like never before, a new season bearing fruit where I had become barren. Life, I pray it is a sign that is what He is doing. Time will tell.

There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse,
and a branch from his roots shall bear fruit.
And the Spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, Isaiah11:1-2

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