New year’s Resolution

New year’s Resolution

The New Year always offers hope for a new start, hope for change, a new beginning. So on Dec. 31, many people make daring resolutions to do things like run 20 miles a day, from the first day, stop smoking, change they way the talk, find the perfect person and get married, watch TV less and read the bible more. With 90% failing to accomplish even one thing, change for good, finish the new year being the new person the set out to be.

Yet I hope to change, archive my resolutions, goals. Is it because I have an iron will and incredible self-discipline? No, not at all. My only hope for change is Christ.

We all love the idea of self-improvement, don’t we? The next year to be better than the last year!

People start off with good intentions with goals such as no more eating junk food for me! I’m going to eat healthy, organic only, exercise more. I’m going to rise with the dawn and conquer the entire Bible by Dec. 31, 2009. I will end world hunger, and memorize at least 100 scriptures. Launch an evangelism blitzkrieg and the devil better get out of my way! I will be a new, better person, not be negative, be an encourager to all, will not lose my temper at the other, even those bad drivers. And from now on I’m reaching out to every person I meet. Look out world, because there’s a new me this year!

And so we’ll begin the year with a bang, with the intent of kicking down spiritual doors and taking names to boot. But we know the story. Our Blog entries for January 31st begin with words like, “I fell off the wagon today…” or “I just don’t know what happened!” By February most of our lofty spiritual goals have been dropped like an old Barry Manilow CD, and we resign ourselves to another year of spiritual mediocrity. And we’re still only in the tenth chapter of Genesis.

But I have one resolution, only one, yes just one, and it is a major one, “Every thing must Change”! And I mean everything, who I am, my life, everything about me. I no longer want to be me, who I am, what I do, where I live. I wish to retain nothing of who I am. I want a new personality, character, mind, attributes, abilities, gifting’s, heart, body, career, everything must go. I want to be a totally new person. A person conformed to the image of Christ. A completely new life. Who I have been, I wish to no longer be.

This is my only New Years Resolution, my only goal for 2009, that “everything must change”, become a totally new person, become the image of Christ. I do not wish to be on this earth January 1, 2010 as the same person in anyway as I was January 1, 2009.

And there is no way I can archive it myself, this is something completely on God. So how and when does true change begin?

From God, By God

Every goal for spiritual growth this year must be approached with the following mindset: Jesus has already secured my perfect standing with God, and now He’s the one who will continue to change me. And it is Jesus will for us to become His image, for the old man to die, for us to become a new person in His image. To have His mind.

So do you want to grow this year? Really grow? Start every day with Christ and Him crucified.

We start with Jesus Christ. The one who faithfully kept every spiritual goal. Our forgiveness. Our power for change. Our hope for a new year.

We should use all God’s means of grace to grow, reading and meditating on Scripture daily, prayer as a way of life, fellowship as a way of life, worship as a way of life, communion daily. But our hope for change is our mighty Savior Jesus, not ourselves. I am asking for a monumental task, one that only God can do, but I know it is His will that we become the image of Christ, a new creation in Christ. So I am trusting in Him to change everything about me, but to death who I once was.

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