No News Really Is Good News: Fasting From the News

No News Really Is Good News: Fasting From the News


I started fasting the first of August from all news for the month, no network news, no web news, no CNN, none. Except for what came across Twitter and Facebook, and people telling me about something, I stayed a way from the news.

I also fasted from politics, did not care about the election in the least, did not what to hear about it or talk about it. Except for a few conversations that others started about politics, of which I changed the topic as quickly as I could, I sustained from the rhetoric, Mudslinging, name calling, from the lies, deceptions of all the candidates, from both parties.

It has been wonderful, I noted a big attitude change in my self, my thoughts not as negative and my conversation more focused on meaningful things. It been great to unplug from the world news and politics.

In fact its been so great I have, I can honestly say that No News is Good News.

So I will continue to fast from the news and politics for the rest of the year, and the first of January I will decide it perhaps it will be permanent.

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