No Other god’s, The Golden Calf’s of Today: Exodus 32:1-4

No Other god’s, The Golden Calf’s of Today: Exodus 32:1-4

21510Wanted to share my thoughts on a bible passage. Exodus 32:1-4

The making of the golden calf was not the peoples first idle they made, it was Moses, it was Moses they where following in the desert, not God. It was Moses they where looking to for leadership, and provision of all things, not God. So when Moses was gone too long from them, they panicked and sought anther thing to worship, to follow, so they made a golden calf to take Moses place, because they where never following God or worshiping Him, but Moses instead. Although they claimed it was God that they worshiped, the real test is always when ever something or someone is removed from a persons life, it’s true place in their lives is reveled. If God was their God, the one they where following, Moses absent would have not have lead to the creating of a golden calf, another false idle to worship, because they still would have had God.

People still do this today, only they make their pastor, church or some other person their god, an idle they are following, worshiping, looking to for leadership, to take care of them. And when the person, pastor, church lets them down, they simply make another golden calf to worship. They simply turn to another idle to worship, a job, drugs, sex, another person, another church, or even another religion to fill the void left because they¬† blame God and/or Christianity for that person failings. Because they say it was God who failed them, but really they never new, worship, or followed God, but rather a person or church, and they failed them not God. If a pastors or a churches actions can brake your “relationship”, your faith in God, then it was never with or in God in the first place, it was in an idle. Idles come and go, that is why there is so many of them. Hinduism alone there are millions of gods, different idles that the people chose to worship, the reason so many, they are always adding new ones because the old ones fail them. Just like here in Exodus, one fails you, just make a new one.

We must always be on guard as not to create are own golden calf’s, idles to follow, check to make sure we are always following the Lord and not a person, pastor or church. But the Lord alone and none other. People, a pastor your church should be beside you in your relationship with God, your faith in God, not in between you and God.

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