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Obama and hope, How The church in America failed

Obama and hope, How The church in America failed

I was thinking yesterday as I watched the inauguration and heard interviews with people who where there. About how much this whole campaign for this election, and the whole Obama craze, fever shows just how much the church in America, and ultimately Christians have failed, dropped the ball. That in the country with the most Christians and churches. That the people of the country have to look to a man and the government for hope. Not look to Christ, not even to the church, because the church and Christians of this country have failed to lift up and present the true and only hope for them, Jesus, in a way that they can see that He is the only hope. Not only proclaim the gospel of real hope, but to have and show that hope in their own lives. They have not seen or heard anything in or from the church or seen anyting in the words and lives of Christians that would cause them to come to or seek out Jesus as the answer, believe He is The hope, the One to go to, the one who holds the future in His hands.

And with so many Christians and churches proclaiming Obama as the great hope for America and their lives, why would the unsaved look to Jesus when so many Christians and Church where looking to Obama as the great hope of the land. If Christians themselves put no trust, dependency in Jesus for their lives and future, why would others. If Christians and churches would have put the same passion and drive into proclaiming the gospel, Jesus, the country would have taken notice. If they would have put the same passion and fight into proclaiming Jesus as they did to change the abortion law, as they did for Pailn and McCain (as if they where the change we needed), maybe real change would be coming to America. The Hope Americans went to the poles voting for, the change they are hoping for on inaugural day, the answer for it is the best keep secret of the Church in America “Jesus”. Jesus is what they are looking for, need, but the church and Christians have not shown that He is, or shared that He is during the whole election campaign. The church failed on election day. It received a vote of no confidence by the people, because the church put the gospel under a basket, hid from even themselves.

We could not have ask for a more opportune time to proclaim Jesus, the only hope in the time of much needed hope, and the church let it pass us by. If we would have presented Christ in all his glory, did as good of a job proclaiming Christ as Obama did proclaiming himself, real change would be coming to America. The right man might have won the Presidency, but the people chose the wrong savior, put their hope in the wrong one.

No soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuits, since his aim is to please the one who enlisted him. 2Ti 2:4

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