On the Floor Kind of Worship

On the Floor Kind of Worship


What do I want when I gather with my fellow followers of Jesus, Worship, Passionate, from the heart, Spontaneous worship. Prayer time, Jesus said the house of God will be a house of prayer, so I expect a time of giving and receiving of prayer for the whole body. Teaching of the word, verse by verse teaching from the bible. Followed by fellowship, true life to life fellowship, both after the gathering, and continuing  through out the week.


I am a on the floor worshiper (Like the photo’s), I must stand, not set in a pew, so I can dance, jump, raise my hands, be able to lay prostate on the floor, or kneel. Sing Spontaneous songs to the Lord, shout out praises, cry, laugh show all my emotion to the Lord. That’s worship for me (and the pattern found in the bible). I must be able to worship in total abandonment freely before the Father.


I will not go to churches that block, prohibit me from doing those things, I will not set quietly in a pew, or sing dead songs that have no meaning to me, that do not speak about the passion and love I have for the Lord. I do not go to be entertained by a band doing performance songs. I go to sing love songs to my Lord.  I do Spontaneous, passionate worship with all my mind, body and soul. If I am in an gathering that does not birth that kind of worship for God, then I am unable to worship God, its like putting me in a straight jacket and gagging me. I must be with other passionate worshipers, with a passionate worship leader and free to be on the floor and worship freely, love on God, sing my love song to Him, cry out to Him. Fall at the foot of His throne and worship Him.

face down worship

Check out this video clip of worship as I like it, look at those on the floor, that is where I am found loving on God with passion during worship. This is The More I Seek You + Spontaneous Worship with Steffany Frizzell leading.

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