Onething 2010 Summary of What I Got Out of It

Onething 2010 Summary of What I Got Out of It

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I was challenged and inspired at the same time by Bickle’s teaching sessions at Onething, amazingly a lot of what Bickle taught on built on the burden and passion for prayer that has been building up in me the last year. Built on what God was already teaching me over the last year on prayer. Gave me the how to have what I have been reading about and jealous after in the lives of men of great faith and pray that I admire, like Gorge Muller, Praying John Hyde and many others.

What I took away was….

Encouragement and tools to be a better man of prayer, to pray in new deeper ways. Tools to get me on the way achive my desire I have had over the last year to be a man who can pray 6-9 hours a day as the norm. I was challenged to go deeper in Christ, to know the Holy Spirit deeper, to have fellowship with the Holy Spirit in new deeper ways. To aim at praying at least 6 hours a day so that I can truly shake nations. He challenged me to truly be a spiritual man that has true fellowship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in passionate ways. To make prayer, worship, the word, bonded together with fellowship with the Holy Spirit the center peace of my life, relationship with God in new, and very deeper ways.

I gained a even greater passion to really pray like the great men of God I admire, learned how to have greater experiences of God’s presence in prayer and worship.

I gained new step by step tools I needed to develop a stronger, and more consistent prayer life, more focused prayers, prayer themes, new what to pray list, tools to take me deeper into God. A book filled with 87 pages of notes, a guide to get my prayer life where I want it to be.

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