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Onething Conference 2013 – How I Ended The Year

Onething Conference 2013 – How I Ended The Year


I ended my year at the Onething Conference 2013 just as I have for 10 years, God moved in power, did some amazing work in me, big changes coming for me.

No better way to end the year than with teaching from the likes of Francis Chan, my favorite man of God. Mike Bickle, Banning Liebscher and others. Even my old WYAM boss John Dawson was there and shared something.

Something like 20 hours of worship by passionate lovers of Jesus, such as Jesus Culture, Misty Edwards, Matt Redman, Laura Hackett. Worship that brought God down or us up to Him.

A stranger came up to me during worship and said he felt God wanted him to pray for me, his prayer addressed the very things God was saying to me, in other words, a word from the Lord.

For the last 3 weeks I have be struggling with some issues, talking to God about a list of things, everything was addressed, 3 of the speakers covered what I was in dialog with myself and God about. Even during worship, many songs even gave me answers from God. Add in the prayer by a stranger. God was speaking loud and clear to me. God is so awesome like that.

Ending the year surrounded by 35,000 of the body of Christ from all over the world, met people from China, Korea, Australia, and many different states.

I can think of no better way to end the year.


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