Passionate Worshipers

Passionate Worshipers


God is not trying to grow a following of pew-sitters who know how to lip sink to a rock show on Sunday. Unfortunately the vast majority of pastors in American do not understand this.

But rather, God is raising up an army of passionate worshipers who desire above all else to live in the fiery radiance of His presence.

A people who have such a longing for His presence that they can not be satisfied with any substitute, they must have His presence, see His face. And will not settle for simply being entertained at church, just set with folded hands and watch a rock show. They must with all their heart, with great unbridled passion worship, love on God. With all their body, mind and sole, they must dance, shout, raise their hands, cry out praises to His name. Lay prostate, sing with both joy and tears. They must love on God with their own words from a heart filled with passionate love for God, for Jesus. They must cry out love songs to Jesus, sing a new song, their love song to Jesus.

I’m talking about white hot fiery zeal for the face of Jesus, for the very living presence of God.

This is what I am after when I gather with the body, this is my hearts passion. I will not settle with anything less than to gather with like minded people who burn white hot with passionate zeal for the face of God, and will not be satisfied tell they enter into His presence so they can love on Him.

“When people are on fire for God, others will travel for miles to watch them burn. “
John Wesley

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