Possible The World’s Most Expensive business Card

Possible The World’s Most Expensive business Card

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What possible may be  the world’s most expensive business card, of course has been crated by my friend Clifo for his Reactor Studio, where he creates EPIC brands! The new card uses 3 different papers layered together, fluorescent inks, metallic inks, laser die-cutting, 3 traditional die cuts, thermography, and even a hidden design fortune that pulls out of the center of the card. They spent two months designing and engineering the card and worked with the five different vendors required to pull this off. Cliff always believed in the power of the business card as a way to create the ultimate first impression. There card is also the ultimate portfolio piece, a showcase of what they can do.

If you are in need of a new business card and do not want the hum-drum sock look, talk with Cliff and see what he can create for your company image.

Check out the Reactor Studio Website for more info on what they can do and see some of their other work.


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