Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer – Book Review

Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer – Book Review


This is Joyce’s follow-up to her best-selling “Battlefield of the Mind”, that gives us “specific insights and strategies to help us build powerful mind-sets in a 12-Week Plan to Win the Battle of the Mind. In the book she explains the battle for our minds, make you aware of what’s at stake in the battle and why it is important to get in the battle to win. She does a great job of arming you with a well laid out plan for winning the battle, she gives scriptures and ask questions to get you thinking, explaining your thought life.

Some people may say “I have heard all this before” and they are right, as I too have heard the subject of this book talked about in many books over the years. But here is the deal, like the scriptures tell us, renewing our minds is a Daily event. We are in a battle for our minds, a war against our flesh and the ways of the world. Every thing we see and hear every day is fighting for our thought life, against the Spirit, the mind of Christ. We need to be renewing our mind, putting on the mind of Christ daily. And we need to read books like this one on a regularly to not only reminds us we are in a battle for our thought life, but to give us a battle plan for our minds. And she does give us a new strategy to keep our minds renewed. After all the word is change every year in how it seeks to win the battle for our minds, to keep us captives in it’s ways, so we need to keep renewing our battle paln to win the war.

This book is not only a good read, but one every Christian should read and use it as the ground work of how to renew your mind. How to do battle in the battlefield of your mind and Whether you admit it or not there is a battle for your mind and the ememy never stops coming after your mind, you dont win once and its over, every day it starts again.

Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of this book from Hachette Book Group in exchange for my HONEST review. The opinions in this review are solely mine.

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