Provincetown, Mass Elementary Children and India’s Devadasis: The Same or Not?

Provincetown, Mass Elementary Children and India’s Devadasis: The Same or Not?

624-10A survey of a red light area of Bombay conducted by Indian Health Organization shows 20% of the 100,000 prostitutes are children.

It was estimated that in Delhi 50% of the prostitutes are Devadasis. Devadasis are children/girls who Parents devote them at or before the age of 10 to the Devadasi practice, the tradition that considers the young girls “married” to the goddess of fertility, Yellamma. These girls are then offered for sexual services after their first menstruation until they become “too old and unattractive.

They are considered to be the servants of god as they are married to the goddess Yellamma, and their service is to provide sex to all, it’s estimated that 4,000 to 5,000 girls are dedicated every year to the goddess for this purpose in Delhi alone, but no one will revile the real numbers.

Abhorrent as that is, we in America cannot point our fingers at them in discuss when American parents are doing the same thing right here, or at lest looking the other way letting others do it to their children and the children of others. Delivering their children over to others who are letting others use them for sex.

The school district of Provincetown, Mass passed a new policy that takes effect this school year that allows the distribution of condoms to students in all schools, regardless of their age. Not only will condoms made available to them, the school will also provide instructions on how to use them, and all with out parental consent needed. But in reality the parents are giving consent by not doing anything about the policy, like firing the school board and removing the policy.

When I was in High School not only could we not get condom’s but if you where caught having sex in school. Your parents would have been called in and you would be expelled. Today a if a 15, 13 or even 7 year old gets caught, not only will they not call in your parents or expel you. But they will simple give you a condom and give you any instructions you need to have sex and send you on your way. That is a sad state of affairs when our public schools have become just like Yellamma, allowing young girls to be sex objects for others.

True not all school district do this for elementary age children, but they do it for middle and high school kids and just like in Mass it is only a matter of time before it spreads across the land.

Read about Provincetown story here.

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