Rising Unemployment Leads to Greater Trafficking

Rising Unemployment Leads to Greater Trafficking

child labor Chien-min The US Department of State, new report on Financial Crisis and Human Trafficking 2009 says, Rising Unemployment Leads to Greater Trafficking Vulnerabilities. Says that the economic crisis is causing dramatic increases in the numbers of unemployed, working poor, and those in vulnerable employment. If the crisis continues, more than 200 million workers, mostly in developing economies, could be pushed into extreme poverty, according to the report.

The forced labor implications of the financial crisis are particularly stark for Asia, a region identified with an existing high level of job insecurity. The region also has a high prevalence of existing forced labor; it is home to 77 percent of the world’s forced labor victims.

This growing poverty is making more people vulnerable to both labor and sex trafficking, boosting the supply side of human trafficking all over the world.

And the most effected are children, children are the most valuable to be trafficked, for both forced labor and the sex trade. They are easily obtained from poor families willing to sell their children for much needed money, and many part with their children on false promises of schooling or prosperity. And children are easy to just take, kidnap. As well as young women looking for work to survive are easily deceived into trafficking with the lure of a good job.

You can read the full report here.

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