Social Media or Shallow Media: Facebook, Twitter, Text messaging

Social Media or Shallow Media: Facebook, Twitter, Text messaging

Facebook, Twitter, Text messaging, Facebook are the main player in the new world of what is known as social media, the way people have chosen to communicate with each other, socialize with others. While everyone is praising these new medias, and I use them my self, I Twitter and Facebook. But I must say I believe it is creating a new generation of people whom never emotionally engage in real relationships with others. Deep heart felt communication is not at the heart of this media.

Because people are limited to 160 character limit, as is Facebook and Twitter is limited to 140 characters, so people are learning to be brief in their communication, to nether be personal or get personal connected with others, they are a someone of whom we have no physical connection at the time. And if your a blogger if you say more than a short paragraph about something you get comments left saying your blog is to long. And not only are people texting more than actual talking to people on their cell phones, the high cost of cell time forces people to keep conversation short and only during off peak times.

My Point being is are these social media venues really scalable activities, are they making us more intimate people. Making us deeply committed to others, making us open expressive people?

Research has proven (as all salesmen and public speakers have known for decades). That true human communication only occures in face to face contact, and there are three major parts in human communication which are body language, voice tonality, and words.

* 55% of impact is determined by body language–postures, gestures, and eye contact,
* 38% by the tone of voice, and
* 7% by the content or the words used in the communication process

So we are limiting our communication down to a only 7% of our know means of being receptive to the other person and being received, understood by the other. We are eliminating to two most important elements in human communication, the other person and ourselves. Our physical presents creates 93% of our communication ability. Our voice, facial expressing, tone of voice, our body motions, hand gestures. Our emotions which control our body and voice can only be expressed though our physical presents, not our words alone, especial in a 140 character or less.

Is this the future of marriage, a text from one room to the other, or short unemotional bits of information across a dinner table. Parenting by text or Facebook. Are we socially going to end up looking like all those SciFi movies that showed future generations with no emotions, no intimacy, where we just rome around like robots exchange only necessary date to complete work. I wounder.

I’ll take the old days of good old face to face long intimate conversations, you know grab a brew with the guys any day. Yes I will continue with my Twittering but longing for that face to face real life connection and long winded conversations.

Here’s a great, little clip about Twitter that makes my point in a funny way. Taming The Twitter Beast

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