Social-net-ism, The Three essentials You Must Have to Say / Be Connected

Social-net-ism, The Three essentials You Must Have to Say / Be Connected

More and more each passing week I come to see and believe that one must master, use and posses three things in the future in order be both social connected, plugged into the world. As well as necessary for corporate America. Here are the three must do/haves to be connected.

1. One must use, be integrated in the Web social media tools Twitter, Facebook and Linkin, or some form of such, what ever my come down the pike as the new media. And one must Blog, as I have read many career coaches say, you Blog is the new resume.

And one must go mobile, in order that one may keep connect to their network of social platforms. But white collar job’s more and more monthly now require you to be portable, connected to the Web and the phone system where every you are, all the time.

So, that leads to number 2 & 3.

2. You must use a smart phone, not just a cell phone but a smart phone, such as a iphone, that you have Web, email access at all times. As well as to keep connected to your social media, Twitter what you are eating at dinner.

3. You must have and be able to use a laptop computer.

I already have my foot hold in the social-net-ism, I have a personal Web site, two social action Web sites I maintain. Write two Blogs, one for personal and ministry, one for career/business. I have a Facebook and Linkedin account and Twitter my daily activities (an in a host of other’s).

For example several people I twitter with just did overseas mission trips to India, Africa one is Europe as I write this, and they keep all of us updated nearly hourly through twitter and by blogging. Pastor Pete Wilson on his African visit two months ago even still did his Sunday sermon from an African village va his laptop and Web cam.

So prepare yourself for the new way of doing life and business, get, learn and connect to the way to be social and do work in the 21 century.

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