Stop Casting Your Pearls Before Swine

Stop Casting Your Pearls Before Swine


I kept hearing God say to me “STOP casting your pearls before swine” (Matthew 7:6) over and over the past few months related to experiences I was having when I would get a word from God and share with others and get negative blowback from them.

So I concluded that He meant telling nonbelievers, and even though I don’t that I knew of, he kept saying it to me.

This weekend during the Passion 2015 conference he gave me understanding to what he meant via what two speakers shared as well as the Holy Spirit speaking to me again about it, this time more detailed.

He said the church is full of non-Christians, social media is full of people who claim to be Christian, and just like swine they wallow around in filth, even in their own crap, in fact, they love their own crap, that’s why they wallow around in it, to cover themselves in it, it smells good, feels good to them and they think it looks good on not only themselves but on others.

So they love to pull people into their pig pin at rub their crap all over you. When I speak to you, give you a word. When you read my word and agree with it, when My Spirit gives understanding of it, gives you instructions of what to do with, to rub it in their crap.

Stop casting it before swine, to rub their crap all over it and rune it for you. I make you white as snow and then you walk over to them and let them rub their crap all over your white garments, what I have given you, Stop it.

Stop sharing it with those who will only rejected it, seek to cause you to rejected it, they are as Satan was with Eve in the garden, I gave her my word and she let Satan take from her what I gave her, add a big butt onto it, rip it up. Like here they want to cause you to doubt what I said, what my word says, doubt me.

Stop it….Stop it……Stop it!!!! Were you not warned to “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

Isn’t that what happens when you share what I give you with swine, when you share my word with swine, they devour you, rip you to peace’s, try to take from you what I give you, turn you away from my word. Stop it, look around you, see the enemy around you.

So I am no longer going to share what the Lord gives me with swine, no longer casting the pearls God gives me before swine to cover in their crap. To take from me what the Lord says, what His word says. With those whom I know will rip it to shreds, add buts to it, belittle me for it.

I am tired of people crapping all over the word of God, crapping all over what God says to me, crapping all over what the Holy Spirit is teaching me, crapping all over my relationship with God.

So swine you can keep your crap to yourselves, wallow around in it all you want, stink up your own life with it, not mine anymore.

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