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Stories & 50,000 Answered Prayers

Stories & 50,000 Answered Prayers

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I had an amazing day last Thursday at the Onething conference, Mike Bickels afternoon teaching session rocked my soul. One of the things from Mikes teaching that captivated my heart was his stories he shared, he has a life time of awesome stories to share of what God had done in and threw his life. And I want that, I want stories of God to share, new stories everyday of God working in my life, His power, His work, about Him in my life in big ways. I want volumes of stories like Bickle’s to share of God working in and trough my life, stories of His provision, of miracles that I may encourage other believers with, build up their faith with. And to share with believers about the God I serve, His love, provision and reality in my life.

Just as after I re-read Gorge Muller’s life last year I want to be like Gorge Muller, in many ways, most notably about his prayer life. By the end of his life Muller had documented in writing over 50,000 answered prayers. I also want that to fifty thousand answered prayers by the end of my life.

I told God I wanted to be like Gorge Muller, to be a man just like him, of great faith, dependent on God just like Muller. Living in total dependence on God for everything. Well I have been unemployed for nearly 3 years now, but God has provide from my needs, I have met all my bills and living needs every month. While frustrated about not having a job let alone a career. I have come to realize God is giving me just what I asked Him for. To make me a man of faith, living dependent on God. I have no way that I see to pay my bill next month, live that is, unless God provides I will no make it. So it is an adventure, waiting to see how God will provide me with income next month, make my bills. But like I began this, this will give me stories, answered prayers to put in my book.

I want to me a man who lives in total faith and dependence on God, for everything. Who lives faith to faith just as Muller did with stories to share with others, daily even.

So I want a life time of stories to share of God’s working in my life and answered prayers, I want a life marked with God’s hand at work, His presence. That’s the kind of life I want to have. Stories starting today and every day.

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