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My car is on the fritz (more on that later) and I had to take it to the shop, my neighbor picked me up from the shop and gave me a ride home.

She begin to share with me she didn’t know how to get through her struggles….she really needed someone to listen to what she was going trough and the burden she was carrying.

Her husband has a type of Emphysema really bad and he is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer on his bladder. He is not doing well at all, the combination of both are pretty much doing him in, he can hardly get out of bed. She pretty much has to do everything for him right now, be there 24/7 for him.

They have a 10 year old daughter, and she shared how she also is not handling it well at all ether. She shared how she is in fear of loosing her husband, and her and her daughter would have no way to make it with out him.

I really did not know what to say to her, I have no life experience to draw from, no words of wisdom to share with her at that moment. So the best I could do at the time was be someone who listened, and let her get things out. So I give her some words of encouragement, and prayed for them.

But I know just being there to listen, encourage and prayer can make the difference to help get them through something, we all need someone to show us love by listening to us, go throw things with us, love on us. And that is what I tried to do, and act of love for a neighbor in need.


So now I am working on my goals for 2011, compiling my to do list if you will, my goals for the next coming year.

For one am I continuing with 365 Days of Love that I did a few times last year, but my goal for 2011 is to do it every day, to do an act of love for someone. (more on that in another post)

It is in my struggles of the nearly 3 years now that I have come to realize it is in the challenges of life that we find our character, and discover what needs to be changed. It is in the problems that we discover new purpose. In them what faith is put to the test, and it’s in them alone that faith grows.

One of my issues, pains in my life is my life is void of love, being single I have no love in my life, no one to love ether. Love is powerful yet love is painful. So I am seeking to add love to my life, by doing acts of love for others. When I look at Jesus on the cross and see a man full of love and yet full of pain, one who gave love away even when He had none from others, even in the midst of pain and suffering. How can love and pain exist together? (more…)

0423194458Spent the evening in the inner city with Freedom Fire ministry in one of the poorest areas of the city in a government housing complex. I got to love on about 60 kids. We played game with them, like soccer, basketball, Frisbee and did things like face painting. The majority of these kids are in fatherless homes, some have a part time mom at best. There was a group of about 20 Somalis, all Moslems, that get to hear about Jesus every week.

After we play and love on them, we tell them a short bible story and tell them about Jesus and His love for them. Then we fed them pizza and oranges. It is the only hot mean most of them would have that day.

It was such a blessing from God to be a father to the fatherless, to feed the hungry, share the love of God and the gospel all in one night. This kids are so starved for love and affection, they latch on to, some times in overwhelming numbers. Just wanting to be close to someone, have there hand held, prayed attention to. So hungry for a hot meal shared in love.

What an awesome way to spend a Friday night loving the forgotten, the poor, the fatherless with the love of God, proclaiming Jesus to them.

harvesters snack cupsSpent half a day preparing food for the hunger, was at Harvesters for half the day sorting snack cups, about 500 lbs of them. Like pudding, Jello and apple sauce into 18 lbs box’s to be giving to the needy. After finishing that I labels unlabeled #10 cans (that’s restaurant sized ones) of green beans. Then boxed them up to be giving to the needy, about 300 of them. There is always a way to give to, help those in need, even if you do not have money to give, you can give time to feed, help those in need. I gave my time to love others, to help those in need.

On my way to the Freedom Fire Staff prayer meeting I met James, a homeless man who was a war veteran. I was able to give him a little money to buy some food with as well as share God’s love with him. Wanted to do more but he was at the top of freeway ramp and the light turned green and lots of traffic behind me so I had to leave after a short conversation with him. If when we are shot of time as well as money, even a few minuets and a couple of dollars can effect a person life who is in need.

Spent the afternoon with the Freedom Fire staff for prayer, prayed for the staff as well as the inner city poor and the children whom the ministry is working with. Heard lots of praise reports about what God did the last week in the ministry. Many came to Jesus, many lives changed. The new church plant has out grown its space, a much bigger place is needed to accommodate the growing number. Praise God for that.

I was able to love on the staff though encouragement and prayer for them. I was able to love on the people in the inner city by giving time to prayer for them, to love on them via prayer, lifting them up to God, going before God on their behalf, what a privilege.

What a great being to this week, doing acts of love for others, by giving time, money and prayer. Lord I pray the rest of the week is even more filled with acts of love for others.


Today I loved others thus loved Jesus by helping prepare food box’s to be giving to hungry people, therefore fulfilling Mat 25:35.

I spent the first half of the day at Harvesters separating 13,000 lbs of frozen food, mostly meat and sea food then packing all of it up in into box’s with 30 lbs of food to be distributed to the needy.

That is approximately enough food to feed 480 people for a week with meat products.

It was a blessing to spend half a day packing food that I know will go to feed hungry and need people this week. Giving 4 1/2 hours of my time to feed hundreds of people is time well spent.

Just think of the time Americans spend on wasteful things during the week:

American now watches more than 151 hours of TV a month

Time spent playing video games, 18 hours per week

Time spent surfing the internet, 13 hours per week

Just think if Americans even just spent half that time laboring to help those in need, we would have different world indeed.

092910Got to meet with and pray with Nelson Hopkins Sr. who’s son and nephew were both killed recently. Got lay hands on him and prayer for him. He is a remarkable man of God, he is already part of a ministry that I have been connected with and now he has stated another ministry.

In the mist of his grief and pain he has started an organization called Operation Promise Land, which aims to work in troubled neighborhoods to take back the streets from violent criminals. His aim is to prevent other parents to half to go trough what he has had to, the loss of a child too early, his son was just 17 year old high school junior who had a promising future.

Out of ashes new life has come, the lives that may be saved by his new ministry to take back the inner city neighborhood from the senseless violence that plagues it. Nelson has been in the news a lot with what he is doing, he has stood as a testament to Jesus, God’s grace and mercy in his open sharing of the gospel and God’s love in the mist of his live tragedy.

I can not relate to the level of pain he must be going trough with the lost of his first born child, the anger of such a senseless death of a young life gunned down while walking home from the library. But spending time with him, talking with him and laying hands on him a praying for him, to be able to pore out love upon him, the love of the father for him, to help him bear the burden he is carrying was a blessing for me to get to do.

You can read his story here.

0305204123Another night of worship,prayer & fasting. Another Incredible encounter with God, the Spirit was moving in great power. Received much prayer and prayed for many. Had a great time of dancing before the Lord, so much joy in the Lord during the night. After a few hours of incredible worship and moving of the Spirit, a party broke out. There truly was a celebration of the Lord, with joy, laughter, and dancing. I could see the smile on God face as His people rejoice before Him with gladness.

Psa 150:4 Praise him with tambourine and dance; praise him with strings and pipe!

It was so incredible, hundreds on the floor before the alter of God dancing with great joy, even the aisles where filled with people. All dancing with God,  for close to an hour the dancing continued none stop.

During the times of worship one of my favorite times of worship is the time allotment when the instruments stop playing and the worship leader call for everyone to sing out their own praises to God. For everyone to sing our own songs to the Lord, shout out the praises in our hearts for God. It’s everyones time to love on God with their own words.

Over a thousand voices individual crying out praises and songs to the Lord. Lifting up Jesus in their own words. For nearly an hour individuals corporately praising God. That is such an amazing sound to hear, just me loving on God with my heart felt praises, joining my voice, my song, my praise to over a thousand others in worship.

It always make me envision and get a sense of what it must have been like in the days of the Temple. When all of Israel gathered for worship. Sense of want it must sound like in heaven with the host of angels singing praises to God 24/7.

2 Samuel 6:14 “.…and saw King David leaping and dancing before the LORD…”

2 Samuel 6:16 “…..And David was dancing before the LORD with all his might,..”

And like King David, I too was found dancing before God, as we all where, partying with God.

0213190149Shouted praises and love to God tell my voice went horse. Was at IHOP and then the student awaking for over 4 hours worship, praising God and praying for other. Was shouting out praises and dancing before the Lord, signing new songs of praise to Him, adding my voice to the 1,000 plus who where there. The Holy Spirit was moving among His people, Laid hands on many praying for them as long as the Spirit lead met to, many where delivered and heal from things. Was an awesome night of love expressed for God and the body of Christ. It was a love encounter with God and the body of Christ.

0216170724Prayed for Israel at IHOP (International House of Prayer), was there for 6 hours, I added my voice to hundreds of others praying for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6). That salvation would come to all of Israel, that the scripture would be fulfilled that says “all of Israel will be saved” (Romans 11:26). That the chosen ones of God, His people the Jews, that His land, nation’s eyes would be open to see the Messiah Yeshua. That the Holy Spirit would be released to open their eye to see Yeshua. That He would release a burning passionate love for Yeshua. I have a great love for Israel, for the Jewish people, because it is both my roots, my people, as well as a mandate to every believer to Love and pray for Israel and God’s chosen people the Jews.

My act of love today was praying for Israel in love for her and the Jewish people.

2-10-10Went to International House of Prayer (IHOP) here in KC for the on going Awaking as they are calling it. It is a outpouring of the Holy Spirit fast at work on the students at IHOPU, the school of worship.

I went to both get prayer and to pray for others and worship before the Lord. One of the students I prayed for wanted more of the fire of God, more passion for Him. To return to his first passion he had to do the work of the Lord. To be a worshiper of God.

I was able to pray and speak words of encouragement to him, the Holy Spirit really touched him, he fell on his face before God and soaked in Gods Spirit. He was renewed, set on fire for the Lord in a renewed passion.

I showed love by taking the time to lay hands on him and pray with him tell he had enough. Too many times people say, “I will pray for you” when we express a need, but do not, soon forget. One of the greatest acts of love is to take the time right there and then to lay hands on some and pray, pray tell the Lord moves, tell the Spirit touches them. Tell the Spirit tells you He is through working. That’s love in action, Christ love.