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I found myself today, all day continual thinking about my 365 days of love commitment. I found myself in the hunt mode, looking for opportunities to do acts of love when I was out today. Day one and amazed at how it has effected my thinking an attitude towards others and life. Unfortunately I was not out much so opportunities where not in abundance.

Then the opportunity presented its self, I was able to help my neighbors 10 year old daughter with her homework, she was struggling with her math and in need of help so I decided I’d help her when she asked me to. After working with her for about an hour she was able to do the work, understood how to do it, and was very happy. She went from down on herself, thinking she was not very smart, to confident and believing she could do the work.

Her parent are not the teaching type, seem to have little time of patience to her to help her with her home work. So I feel that I had shown her love, had done an act of love in helping her with her work. And by helping build her belief in herself and abilities by taking the time to reassure her that she was smart and capable of learning.

1-3-10After reading of a fellow pastor and his project for the year, I was inspired to join Jaeson Ma in his venture for the year. Although Jaeson has a 32 day head start on me, I have committed to the next year to not only do the same as he. But this has also inspired me to do similar acts that came to mind that I am also starting, more on that this week.

I, like Jaeson will attempt to do at lest one random act of kindness to someone each day of the year. That is, 365 acts of love for 365 days of the next year.

To be the good Samaritan, to live a life of acts of love for others as Jesus did.

It can be anything from helping someone out in need, to listening to someone’s problems, to giving encouragement, or to do some crazy act of love for a stranger. I don’t know, I will have to trust that each day will bring before me an opportunity to love. So I will try to blog about one of the acts each day.

To sum it up: I will do 365 acts of love for 365 days of the next YEAR

The purpose ~ To not just talk about the love of Christ, but be about love

The goal ~ To live a life of love that will hopefully inspire others to love the same.