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Acts 29 WE Boot Camp “For All Seasons“, Day 2, the finale day, once again was Mark Driscoll and Steve Timmis. Steve Timmis closed it out. Here are the bullet points from Timmis teaching. He hammered it, these are the points that spoke to me, hit me where it counts.

Once again God wrecks me, He has so wreck me for what everyone considers the normal life. I am wrecked, refreshed & restored,  all the stuff the gospel does to you!

It’s only the gospel that tells me who I am (identity), why I am (purpose), and what I am (function).

Love God and love people: “The gospel says whoever it’s about, it’s never about me!”

I can’t tell you ‘let’s go and plant’ but I can tell you who,why and what you are ‘in Christ’ so that succeed or fail you can glorify God. (more…)


Acts 29 Western Europe Boot Camp called “For All Seasons” is taking place in Birmingham, England was today, and once again I got to precipitate via the web. Gather in the nuggets of wisdom from some top pastors – church planters. Mark Driscoll and Steve Timmis two men I highly respect.

So God continues His stream of messages on the same themes coming my way, with the third conference on church planting in a week. Still do not know what God is up to. Besides intensifying the passions in me, fanning the fire and zeal in me for preaching the gospel, church planting, feeding the hungry and going, going somewhere, anywhere over seas.

Here are the key points from today.

  • Jesus is coming back and it’s gonna be awesome! That’s basically our eschatology!” M Driscoll
  • “Without the Holy Spirit you ain’t gonna do jack, or if you do it’s gonna be evil!” Driscoll
  • “Church planting/evangelism/mission is not something we do for God. It’s something He does through us.” Driscoll
  • “You cannot be a church planter and a cessationist!” Driscoll
  • “Practice repentance, don’t just preach it.” M Driscoll
  • “Planting is about disciples not decisions. Not just people who vote for Jesus 1 day, but people who vote for Jesus every day!” (more…)