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Take away for the week from what God was saying to me through His word, in my bible studies

1. I need to surround myself with people who are doing it, living out the NT.

Who are following Jesus, passionately following Jesus.

Get around godly men that are beyond me spiritual.

Especially people who are strong in your weakness – or what you want to be stranger in

Like people who are prayer warriors – evangelist, est

Those kind of people are going to convict me, push me,  challenge me

So I am going to surround myself with people who have strengths in areas of my weakness. with people who doing what I want to be doing with God. 

2. Find where God is working and moving and join Him.

Just like when Jesus told the disciples “follow me”, they went everywhere He went. Joined Him in what He was doing, so am I. Where ever a follower of Jesus is preaching the gospel to the lost and people are being saved. Where ever the hungry are feed, naked are clothed, I will be.

3. I want to Never be satisfied with where I am, to be insational with more and more of God. I want to always have a Holy discontentment in my life, to never be comfortable where I am.

The kind of discontentment that wants to know Jesus deeper and more intimately

The kind of discontentment that wants to worship more boldly that I do

The kind of discontentment that wants to know the bible more deeply

The kind of discontentment that wants to pray more deeply and passionately

Not that it parallelizes me, but that constant want of more

I don’t want to just study about Jesus

I don’t want to be some who just talks about Jesus

I want to be someone who knows you Jesus, Who Knows Jesus

I want to be the one Jesus knows, in Matt 7:23, not the one He says 23 And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me” to, but the one that He knows and I know Him.

4. Be careful not to let you pursuit of Jesus today be effected by something dark in your past, by a failure, something you where part of. Forget what is behind.

That can be a source of pride, like I the one guy that the cross of Christ is not adequate enough for. He can save Paul, Peter, everyone else, but I’ve got the one thing in my life, I’ve got that one thing in my past that the cross of Christ is completely inadequate for.

That’s just as proud as pretending that you do not need the cross at all.

5. I want to be about Him

I want others to see that in me, that I just can’t get enough of God.


fight-club-book I learned of a new booklet, men’s ministry called Fight Club this week. It is based on a Free Booklet by Jonathan Dodson, pastor of Austin City Life, called “Fight Club: Gospel-Centered Discipleship” which will be e-published for free first The Resurgence, with a print on demand option.  Dodson also mentioned that they are working on a website that will expand the booklet through interaction, blogs, and articles. and ultimately have it published as a hard copy.

He held a one-day conference this Sat Aug 1st to introduce men to it and I got to set in on via Twitter, good things where being said. I highly recommend that men download the pdf book and read it. Then start a Fight Club in their own church, of with some close friends. I really excited about it and am seeking to start one myself.

The Purpose of Fight Club 09 is to challenge men to fight for the radical transformation of the gospel of Jesus Christ in their personal lives. This would include how Jesus expects men to take responsibility and lead in their homes, their families, their churches, and culture; to be responsible and honor Christ in their use of time and their finances, to be wise in career and life decisions

Chapter One lays out a biblical case for fighting the fight of faith, which I hope stirs you up to fight the fight of faith. Once the fighting begins, it is easy to slide into fighting people instead of sin. We start beating one another up with judgment, fighting the wrong things with the wrong motives. We fight against the church instead of with her.

Chapter Two explores where we go wrong in our fighting by uncovering legalistic and licentious patterns in discipleship.

Chapter Three calls us away from these extremes into a gospel-centered discipleship. With the gospel at the center of discipleship, we can live as Jesus intended—fighting the good fight of faith which leads to true change. However, if weren’t not careful we’ll start to fight on our own. Failure to grasp the community focus of the gospel can cut us off from the grace God gives through his people, the church.

Chapter Four reminds us that discipleship is a community project because the gospel is community focused. Jesus created and redeemed us as people in relationship, people who need one another in the fight of faith. Instead of fighting against the church, we can fight with her, to live a life that is motivated by all that God is for us in the Spirit and the Son.

Chapter Five offers a practical way to apply the gospel to everyday life. It is a call for Fight Clubs—small, simple, biblical, reproducible groups of people who meet together regularly help one another keep the gospel at the center of their discipleship.

Download the pdf book here.