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51ma-qyg1lL“The Kingdom Life” edited by Alan Andrews with several authors contributing to it, explores the practical theology of spiritual formation. The book brakes down  spiritual formation into two parts, process and theological. The books begins with the seven process elements and three theological elements.

The book does not go into great detail on all the steps for spiritual formation, and I would have liked for it to have more steps/examples than those given. I for one like to have more that the destination given to to, I like a good road map to get to the destination.

Several parts do overlap, but over all it is a good overview of discipleship and spiritual formation. A good recommended for a new Christian as well as for mature Christian to keep your mind refreshed and on keep on track with your spiritual formation.

Your life will truly be changed as you apply the truths of this book to your life. Put into practice what it says, it is a worthy read that you will benefit from no matter where you are in your walk with Christ. Here is a quote from page 119 that I like.

The spiritual heart can be strengthened, it’s passions made greater. Can we imagine that by engaging God in the way He recommends in Scripture, we can have a passionate spiritual heart that directs our transformation? That it would keep the internal and external in balance? That would bring congruency to all of life? It is crucial to understand that one does not arrive at such a state by wishing and hoping.”

That is what the book is about, knowing, applying, doing.

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9781400200924Charles Stanley in his book, How to Reach Your Full Potential for God, sets out to give us a blueprint for those who want to live a life of purpose, God’s purpose that is, to find and live out that purpose, to live a life at full potential in Christ. Stanley has written an encouraging, biblically sound book. He says we must step out in faith and trust the principles and promises of God found in the Bible. And he is right, in this world filled with self help gurus everywhere, everyone clambering to tell us what life is about, who we are and not are, what our life purpose is to be. We need to keep ourselves firmly planted in God’s purpose for us, hold on to the potential we have in Him.

It is good for a book like this to come along, yes one can be critical and say “Oh No another self help book”. But if we do not get a constant flow of reminders to keep us centered on Gods truths, we can as Paul says “even the elect can be persuaded” to something else. Stanley encourages us to not settle for the ordinary life, the life the world offers us, that is less than what God has for us. He teaches to seek out the extraordinary purpose that only God can give us.

Stanley sets out seven points to live by: Seek being God’s best, not settling for less, pursuing potential, a clean heart, a clear mind, using our gifts, a healthy body, right relationships, a balanced schedule and taking God-approved risks. Points that everyone could use for living life.

This book was good timing for me, I had lost my purpose in life recently due to circumstances in my life, so this book was perfect timing. So I do highly recommend this book, you will get something out of it, what depends on where you are in life. It could be life changing things or just minor course correction for you life, and that makes it worth reading.

career comback I was giving a copy of the book to review, although it is written for women the advice and principle apply to both sexes when it comes to career hunting in today’s economy. Two chapters are strictly for women when it comes to dress and presenting yourself, the rest are up to date advice on job hunting. She especially zeros in on the ‘”older” the over 40 crowed. She gives very good advice for “botoxing” your resume, updating it make your resume younger. In today’s job corporate world age discrimination is alive and well, and anyone who tells you different is under 35.

Anyone who is in the hunt for a new job, career, like myself will find her advice informative and helpful, women will get more out of the book than men. It’s not the new how to do manual, that has all you need to know. Or the one formula to get a new job, but you will get a lot of her book, especially if you have been out of the job hunting market for awhile, and even more so if you are in the 40 and over crowed.

So ladies if you are in need, looking for some fresh incite on job hunting and to freshen up you resume and want to make it anti-age proof, this book is worth a read.

language of love & respect Usually when I am sent a book to review I get through it within a week to ten days. This book was different. It has taken me three weeks to get through. It’s hard book to read, it struggled to keep my interest is just seam to go on and on, repeating points a hundred different ways. This book could have edit down to half of its 355 pages and till might have been too long.

Dr. Emerson has some good information and points, but it seen to never get concisely to what he point was in a timely manner, they are well berried. Just about everything he shared I was glad to see I already new bout relationships and women, it just would have been nice to see a fresh perspective, a more clear concise application of them.

If someone is complete in the dark when it comes to communication with the other sex you can gain some understanding from this book, you will just have a hard time wadding through his page after page of reputation of examples of what he saying.

I would recommend his book Love & Respect over this one a much better read, it’s not that you will not find some diamonds in this one, it’s that it’s just like dinging in the diamond mines with a ice pick to find them, going to take you long and painful amount of time to get to them.

fearless How can you grow your faith to go beyond the fear? Is the question that Max’s book is all about. "Lets be numbered among those who hear a different voice, God’s. Enough of these shouts of despair, wails of doom." Max writes. In this world we live in today with a failing economic system, high unemployment, AIDS, swine flu. foreclosures, a failing government, wars and terrorism to name a few things. Fear is king. One only has to just watch or go to one of the town hall meetings on health care, and see how fear is driving people to a state of anger. The timing of the release of this book is impeccable, our world is facing a multitude of critical situations like is has never faced before at one time.



He writes:
"We expect to find Jesus in morning devotionals, church suppers, and meditation. We never expect to see him in a bear market, pink slip, lawsuit, foreclosure or war. We never expect to see Him in a storm. But it is in storms that he does His finest work, for it is in storms the He has our keenest attention."

"And Jesus wants them to know (speaking of the disciples): they will never face the future without His help, Nor do you. you have a travel companion."

So many today live a life dominated  by fear, and it does not have to be the set in the corner and cower at the world kind. But a fear that cause you to live a life not centered on and dependent on God. To seek and find security in the things of this world like riches to be your security. The type of fear that will cause you to make decision for yourself based on fear rather than faith, God.
Max has done it again. He has taken a subject that is on everyone’s mind these days, fear, and with his writing ability and gifted insight has addressed it from the viewpoint of faith.

If you are looking to build you life on a firm foundation, some words of wisdom, and to put to rest any of the fears you may be experiencing, I strongly recommend you read this book.

This is an encouraging book that I would recommend to anyone who struggles with fear and even if you do not, because like the Eagles song: ‘In a New York Minute’, everything can change in a moment.

Buy it here.