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I had a great conversation with a former pastor of a underground house church in China, (read my post ‘Visit The Underground Church in China’) he shared with me the format for his church.

This is what his house church in China looked like:

  • They met every evening
  • Had a meal together most evenings, called a love feast
  • They begin with prayer
  • Someone would share a message, always a word for word study of the bible
  • Then they would pray over each other
  • Each person would make known their needs and everyone one would pray for them
  • Worship with song and praises to God
  • Encourage one another in the faith
  • Each gathering would last 3 to 4 hours

I asked him about how did he get the word out, evangelize his town?

He sated that everyone in his church shared the gospel with everyone they know or meet (despite the threat of imprisonment or death). That in the Chinese church it is considered the greatest joy in life to share Jesus, to have someone come to Christ. That the church there lives to share the gospel and to have fellowship with one another.

He and his wife where arrested and put in prison for sharing Christ, they where released after a international out cry that gained them freedom, and exiled to the US.

I asked him to compare his church in China to the churches in American, said no comparison, he misses the church in China. Said we do not have church here (the US), it’s all programs and entertainment.

I agree.

More to come.


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