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missional-livingI have read so many blogs about being Missional, heard so many people at conferences that talk about being missional. But yet the vast majority of them are not living Missionally.  Too many who are not living Missionally criticize those who are. And too many talk about it, tell others to live Missionally while not living it themselves. And that is so wrong, people should be leading, teaching by example, if you are not doing it then you need to get busy and live that way if you want to talk about it.

In light of that, this is what I now ask people who say they are living Missionally, who write and speak about living Missionally. Because I ask these very questions of myself.

How may people did you share the gospel of Jesus with today? This week?
How many came to the LORD while you shared the Gospel with them today? This week?
How may people did you baptized this week? (it should match the question above)
Who are you currently discipling? (you meet with daily long term as did Jesus)

The above is the great “mission” given to every follower of Christ in Mat 28:19, Mark 16:15 and in Act’s 1:8.

All of these are Jesus’ marching orders to His followers, the mark of a follower of Christ, at the core of Jesus mission for us. It is imposable to be on Jesus’ mission unless you are doing these things, this was/is His mission on earth.

Next I ask:

Are you feeding the hungry? Did you today? This week? How did you personally do it?
Are you clothing the naked? Did you today? this week? How did you personally do it?
Are you giving drink the they thirsty? Did you today? this week? How did you personally do it?
Are you visiting, lay hands on and pray for the sick? Did you today? this week?
Are you taking in strangers? Did you today? this week?
Are you visiting those imprisoned? Did you today? this week?
Are you setting any captives free? Did you today? this week? How did you?

This is what Jesus said if you do not do the things above: Then He will answer them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me.’ These will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.” Mat 25:31-46 Jesus did all these things daily during His life,  so He is saying if you are saved, you too will do them, continue His mission.

I believe all of those are the basic requirements to live Missionally (and according to Jesus the actions of someone whom is saved), living on mission is to be living on the mission of Jesus. So unless we are doing them and doing them daily,  we are not on His mission,  living Missionally according to Jesus. Yes there is more to living on mission, Missionally, but these are the core, must be doing things.

In summery, I believe the only way we can claim to live on mission, to be living Missionally is if our life is fulfilling Mat 28:19, Mark 15:16 Acts 1:8 and Mat 25: 31-43. So I will ask you the same questions I ask myself, how did you live those out today? This week?

So before you write a book, blog about, speak at a conference or tweet about being missional, I will ask you to answer the above questions first. Before you tell others to or how to, or criticize those who are living it out.

As for myself this is how I chose to live on mission, to live Missioanlly, by imitating the life of Jesus, being obedient to His commands (like the ones above), to continue His mission with my life as I see in scripture.

03-17-10A pastor in LA that I am acquainted with has been a great encouragement to me twice this year in a big way. I have take up following he’s lead in two ways for this year, the first was in Feb when I begin my 365 Days of Love for this year. And after watching him live this past Sunday speak as a gust at a church I have recommitted to giving the first fruits of my day to God. I get up an hour earlier to spend an extra hour in prayer.

But this is me just waiting before the Lord, not coming with a shopping list, this is me just Loving on God and Him loving on me. Prayer by definition of the Hebrew is waiting – listening – action. And that is just what I do, I started on Monday morning, an hour of just waiting, listening for God to speak and then taking action on what ever He says.

Pray and Obey that is, I wait, love on Him, bask in His love for me, and listen to His voice. What ever He says, I am will to do, set my agenda for the day to His for me.

After just the first two days what a difference it has made in me and my days. I recommend that everyone get up an hour earlier and spend it on your face before God, just loving on Him and waiting on Him, nothing more. I put on the live stream from the IHOP prayer room in the back ground so I have a steady stream of worship surrounding me.

This is not to replace other times of prayer, but rather an addition to, the giving of your first fruits of the day. As Jesus said “could you even watch with me one hour?” Matthew 26:40

Can you, can you give even just an hour to just sit and love on God, and wait on Him daily? What could possibly be more important that setting before God and loving on Him and letting Him love on you? Nothing I can think of for me anyway.

Woke up covered with the presences of the Holy Spirit after spending last night in radical worship & prayer with the body at God’s presents was so heavy on me, His Spirit filled my thoughts and my very being.

The Spirit was moving on everyone in a big way last night. The Spirit was working in me in a big way, a time of repenting in my heart, a time of renewal in my spirit. A time of weeping and morning followed with a time of rejoicing and celebration. A time of Dancing with shouts of joy and laugher before the Lord.

I find that always happens on the mornings after the last thing I do is spent the night in God presence, gather with the body for fiery worship. A night in passionate worship and prayer. Immersed in His presents and His word. If you do that you will wake up covered in His presence and if you start your day off in radical worship and prayer, you will walk coved in the fire of His presents all day long.

It is amazing how we can find the time to spend 2 hours watching a movie or TV show before bed, but can not spend 2 hours in worship and prayer. The more time I spend in passionate worship and prayer, I want to spend even more time in worship and prayer. Like the scriptures say “Taste and See That the Lord Is Good” and once you do, you can’t get enough of His presence.

What is the difference today between the  men in the upper room in Jerusalem 2000 years ago that tuned the world upside down and the church today?

They believed in and walked in the Holy Spirit and All His power and gifts. And lived out what they believed, they where obedient to the commands of Jesus to Go, and did all he told them. And so they turned the world upside down.

Any follower of Jesus can do the same thing today, all they have to do is be filled with the Holy Spirit. And Go in all His power and gifts and you too could turn the world upside down. But you must believe the same Holy Spirit that was in them, that raised Christ from the dead is the same today. And will equip you with all the same power and gifts that He did them 2000 years ago. Everything you read about the Holy Spirit and His gifts are just a real today and yours for the asking, everyone of them. And that the commands of Jesus are just as valid, Go!

Just another simple thought for the day.

0305204123Another night of worship,prayer & fasting. Another Incredible encounter with God, the Spirit was moving in great power. Received much prayer and prayed for many. Had a great time of dancing before the Lord, so much joy in the Lord during the night. After a few hours of incredible worship and moving of the Spirit, a party broke out. There truly was a celebration of the Lord, with joy, laughter, and dancing. I could see the smile on God face as His people rejoice before Him with gladness.

Psa 150:4 Praise him with tambourine and dance; praise him with strings and pipe!

It was so incredible, hundreds on the floor before the alter of God dancing with great joy, even the aisles where filled with people. All dancing with God,  for close to an hour the dancing continued none stop.

During the times of worship one of my favorite times of worship is the time allotment when the instruments stop playing and the worship leader call for everyone to sing out their own praises to God. For everyone to sing our own songs to the Lord, shout out the praises in our hearts for God. It’s everyones time to love on God with their own words.

Over a thousand voices individual crying out praises and songs to the Lord. Lifting up Jesus in their own words. For nearly an hour individuals corporately praising God. That is such an amazing sound to hear, just me loving on God with my heart felt praises, joining my voice, my song, my praise to over a thousand others in worship.

It always make me envision and get a sense of what it must have been like in the days of the Temple. When all of Israel gathered for worship. Sense of want it must sound like in heaven with the host of angels singing praises to God 24/7.

2 Samuel 6:14 “.…and saw King David leaping and dancing before the LORD…”

2 Samuel 6:16 “…..And David was dancing before the LORD with all his might,..”

And like King David, I too was found dancing before God, as we all where, partying with God.

0130185237Had one of my most incredible encounters with God last night at the IHOP Awaking. The worship lead by Misty Edwards was incredible as it always is, that girl brings even to earth with her spontaneous worship. The Holy Spirit was moving big time last night, I was brought into the throne room last night. The Spirit was all over me. The most amazing part was three people came up to me over the course of 3 hours and laid hands on me and each gave me a word from the Lord.

One was so obvious it was the Lord because the guy read my mail, what he said was so right on as to personal a thing going on in me. No way he could have randomly said what he did about me.

On word was on the scale of life changing, today as I have been processing all of it. I put it on the same level as the word of God to Abraham by God’s messages, when told Sarah would bear him a son.

It shook me to my core, I could only weep and rejoice at the same time, and called out to the Lord for it to be true. Oh how I want it to be true. Like that of Abraham’s it was a message of great hope and promise for me, but from my view even more imposable than Abraham’s promise.

The third one piggy backed on the big one, while someone was praying for me God gave him vision of me. When he said what it was nether of us quite understood one part of. But while in bed last night, it came to me, and I understood what it was about, at least I think I do.

And I am steeping out in faith that both (they are intertwined together) where from God and He can and will make it come to pass.

What an amazing night with the Lord, awesome worship at His feet, filled with dancing, singing, weeping, shouts of joy. And thee life changing words, prophecies from the Lord.

Read about my 365 Days of Mission.

12-01-03 Why is it the people who preach/write about being content no matter what you life situation is, are married with a house full of children, have successful careers and or ministries?

I got a news letter today from a pastor whom I like and it was on contentment, just a couple of page with a card to send off to the a CD of his message the letter was take from. He states “It’s not a question of poverty or prosperity, or any external circumstance, true contentment endures in spite of our circumstances, it does not rise and fall with every turn of providence.”

I have yet to ever hear someone who was poor and needy, single past their 20’s who wanted to get married, someone out of work for a extended length of time, or in a bad dead end job get up in front of a church and preach on being content where they where. Never heard someone from the ghetto write a book on the joy and contentment they have in their life situation.

I’ve never heard a mother in the ghetto say I’m content my children are starving, have no heat. Never heard someone who desires to love and be loved, have a family say I’m content loveless and a lone and wish to stay this way. But I hear married successful people get in the pulpit and tell them they should be content in their situation all the time.

Those who preach on contentment in any circumstance of life, I have found where never content when if they ever even lacked the very things at all they tell others to live without (some have never lacked anything in life). It was only after they gained everything they wanted, needed in life that they make such statements to others. It’s as if they have forgotten what it was like for them, life before they got all they wanted, maybe it just a case of amnesia, the have forgotten where they came from. It’s funny that they give advice that they would not have accepted when they where, if ever in need. Been unwilling themselves to be content in the very same circumstances they tell others to be content in.

2328879637_c0d2e376ff What if we live our lives from now to the moment we leave this earth, in such a way that our lives, and live message was so impacting on the culture.  That it actual changes the culture of you neighborhood, your city. That you lived a life that was so unique, so compelling, that it actual changed the culture. Not is a worldly way, not for worldly agendas’ like the Republican or Democratic party, or a church domination, your own agenda, but for the sake of the gospel, for the Kingdom of God agenda.

And what if it even went beyond that, impacted the nation, and even expanded across the world to every nation. Even still effected people long after you had died. God did that though the people of the first century church, with people far less equipped and educated than you. With out the internet, cell phones, twitter or even the US Mail. With cars and jets to get across the globe hours.

Just think what He could do though you, if Him and His kingdom where you priority in life. If you chose to live a God centered, Jesus soaked life of mission.

Just something to think about.

Two things I ask of you, O LORD;
do not refuse me before I die:
8 Remove falsehood and lies far from me;
      Give me neither poverty nor riches—
      Feed me with the food allotted to me;
9 Lest I be full and deny You,
      And say, “Who is the LORD?”
      Or lest I be poor and steal,
      And profane the name of my God.
Proverbs 30:7-9

A prayer that we all need to take to heart. He is basically asking God to let him live pay check to paycheck, that is so anti American. Goes against the grain of what so many churches preach today. I think even churches need to pray this payer regarding income lest they fall away in the same way, for get the Lord become the church of Ephesus in Revelation 2 leaving their first love, God.

I seek to take this verse to heart and pray it. How about you, will you?

Listen to Francis Chan 2 min video on the verse here>>

fearless How can you grow your faith to go beyond the fear? Is the question that Max’s book is all about. "Lets be numbered among those who hear a different voice, God’s. Enough of these shouts of despair, wails of doom." Max writes. In this world we live in today with a failing economic system, high unemployment, AIDS, swine flu. foreclosures, a failing government, wars and terrorism to name a few things. Fear is king. One only has to just watch or go to one of the town hall meetings on health care, and see how fear is driving people to a state of anger. The timing of the release of this book is impeccable, our world is facing a multitude of critical situations like is has never faced before at one time.



He writes:
"We expect to find Jesus in morning devotionals, church suppers, and meditation. We never expect to see him in a bear market, pink slip, lawsuit, foreclosure or war. We never expect to see Him in a storm. But it is in storms that he does His finest work, for it is in storms the He has our keenest attention."

"And Jesus wants them to know (speaking of the disciples): they will never face the future without His help, Nor do you. you have a travel companion."

So many today live a life dominated  by fear, and it does not have to be the set in the corner and cower at the world kind. But a fear that cause you to live a life not centered on and dependent on God. To seek and find security in the things of this world like riches to be your security. The type of fear that will cause you to make decision for yourself based on fear rather than faith, God.
Max has done it again. He has taken a subject that is on everyone’s mind these days, fear, and with his writing ability and gifted insight has addressed it from the viewpoint of faith.

If you are looking to build you life on a firm foundation, some words of wisdom, and to put to rest any of the fears you may be experiencing, I strongly recommend you read this book.

This is an encouraging book that I would recommend to anyone who struggles with fear and even if you do not, because like the Eagles song: ‘In a New York Minute’, everything can change in a moment.

Buy it here.