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Woke up covered with the presences of the Holy Spirit after spending last night in radical worship & prayer with the body at God’s presents was so heavy on me, His Spirit filled my thoughts and my very being.

The Spirit was moving on everyone in a big way last night. The Spirit was working in me in a big way, a time of repenting in my heart, a time of renewal in my spirit. A time of weeping and morning followed with a time of rejoicing and celebration. A time of Dancing with shouts of joy and laugher before the Lord.

I find that always happens on the mornings after the last thing I do is spent the night in God presence, gather with the body for fiery worship. A night in passionate worship and prayer. Immersed in His presents and His word. If you do that you will wake up covered in His presence and if you start your day off in radical worship and prayer, you will walk coved in the fire of His presents all day long.

It is amazing how we can find the time to spend 2 hours watching a movie or TV show before bed, but can not spend 2 hours in worship and prayer. The more time I spend in passionate worship and prayer, I want to spend even more time in worship and prayer. Like the scriptures say “Taste and See That the Lord Is Good” and once you do, you can’t get enough of His presence.