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Company of Men I keep, Francis Chan, JD Greear

I believe one of the most important elements of our lives is the company of people we keep, hang out with, do life with. And this especially true for Christians, especially if you want to walk with Christ and be used by God.

I have been keeping the company of men whom I highly respect; men that I think are exemplary models of what our lives are to look like as followers of Christ. Frances Chan, and J.D. Greear. Each of the men are boldly living for Jesus in a way that I desire to, each have gifting that let them excel in their callings.

J.D. Greear went from college to the mission field, to pastor and church planter, pastors one of the fasting growing church in America and has so far sent out over 300 church planters to start churches across the globe. Raleigh, South Carolina

Frances Chan, my favorite pastor for the last several years, I have listened to him for many years while he pasted his church plant turned meg church, that he left two years ago to as he put it, do church right, the biblical way. After some time in Southeast Asia he returned to California and is embarking on planting churches across the bay area. San Francisco, CA

All are passionate lovers of God the Father and Jesus, purse them with all their heart and life. Passionate about preaching the gospel and salvation of the lost. Passionate about making disciples, equipping the body and sending them to Go into the world.  Passionate about God’s word, study and teach it diligently. They are Spending their lives Going and Doing, they don’t just sit on their theology, beliefs and talk about them, they are doers. “Blessed is that servant whom his master, when he comes, will find so doing.” Matthew 24:46, that is them.

They are the kind of men I want to do life with, imitate, keep company with, although I cannot hang out with these men, do life daily with them, they are spread out across the country. I have been connected to them as much as I can, listening to every sermon they give, attend every conference they speak at. Read every book they write, and blog post they write. Wishing all along I could sup with them, labor shoulder to shoulder with them for Jesus.

All of these men have an understanding, grasp of the gospel that is beyond the vast majority of churches in the US, and teaching it like no others. Francis Chan, JD Greear all understand the great commission, the call to preach the gospel and make disciples, and live it out, they are doers, everyday doers. they  have planted and are planting church across the globe, Frances Chan understands what the church is to be better than anyone else today, my heart has been burden for the same church his burns for, what we read of in the book of Acts.

I am now on the quest to find a group of men such as them to keep company with, do life with, gather with daily and labor shoulder to shoulder with them for Jesus. Passionate lovers of Jesus.

Men whose bibles are falling apart because they are so well used, pages worn out, highlighting, underlining on every page and notes written in every available white space on the page. They never go anywhere with out their bible in hand. That’s to say they study diligently the bible daily.

Men who have camel’s knees for spending hours a day in prayer, the can think of no better place to be that before the face of the Living God. That is men of prayer, deep, intimate prayer.

Men who worship with great passion, men who cannot sit in a pew and watch a “worship service”, but must worship in Spirit, with their whole being. They must dance before their God in celebration.

Men, who burn for lost souls to be saved, burn to preach the gospel to every living person. There passion is to take, preach the gospel in every corner of the earth with apology. Men who see the world as their backyard, they don’t just talk about the great commission, they are fulfilling the great commission.

Men who are disciple makers, they are about making disciples that go and make disciples. They know this is our first calling by Christ, the priority of our life. They don’t just talk about it, they are doing it.

They are church planters, they preach the gospel, souls get saved, then disciple them and there by plant churches.

So in prayer I am asking for such a group of men, even one man who is like the group above, lives as I described above, who lives near by that I can keep company with, break bread with, study the bible with, preach the gospel with, make disciples with, and plant churches with.