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For three years I Helped Rescue teens from Prostitution, from the sex trade on the streets of Hollywood CA when I was in YWAM. I am a doer, I’m not one to just talk about issues, especial when it comes to ministry, God calls us to be doers. God put a fire in my heart about what was going on, on the streets of Hollywood, so I went and did something about it. I physically went out with others and rescued girls from prostitution, I went to them, looked them in the eyes and sought to convince them to let us help them, I wept with them, prayed with them and recuse them from prostitution. So I’m not telling others they need to do something about human trafficking when I have done nothing, not rescued even one girl. I did not set in a YWAM office, I lived in the house we housed the rescued girls and guys in, I was on the streets daily for hours reaching out to the girls.  I actually did something, I personal rescued 100’s of girls from sex trafficking and I know their stories. So I am not an armchair quarterback here, I have been on the front line, in the battle. I am telling you this problem is real, more horrendous than you can imagine, and most likely in you own city.

Floyd McClung, who started a YWAM ministry in Amsterdam taking on the sex trade there said, said “I have ministered and lived on a devil’s doorstep”, well I too have done that. (Centrum Of Hollywood the YWAM ministry I was in of was modeled after his)

But rather than write a bunch of words about the critical problem of human trafficking and forced prostitution, which is far worse today than it was when I was on the streets. I’ve decided to just post some pictures and infographics, after all, a photo really is worth a thousand words. Sex slavery and forced child prostitution is a bigger issue than most realize, and it is not just a huge problem over there, some other country, it’s right here in the United States. You most likely have human trafficking and child prostitutes right in your own city, you might drive right past it on your way to work, to church even. Work with men, even know men who are using the services of human trafficked girls, physically buying and using girls, or using porn that was made with trafficked girls, which also helps create the demand for more girls for the sex trade.














Please share this with others, use it to start the conversation about this subject and maybe, just maybe that will lead to you to chose to do something about it.

To learn more about Human Trafficking and sex slavery, click on and check out some of these organizations:

Human Trafficking Organizations

  1. The A21 Campaign
  2. Not for Sale
  3. HookersForJesus
  4. Wellspring Living
  5. International Justice Mission
  6. Love 146
  7. Dream Center  (They are in my old rescue area Hollywood)
  8. Stella’s Voice
  10. Agape International Missions
  11. Covenant House
  12. Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking
  13. Compassion 2 One
  14. Joyce Meyer Ministries
  15. CBN Ministries

For those who want to do something, take it on face to face


5110A tragic and heart breaking report in The Economist magazine in March. Full article from The Economist here.

Even though it’s been known for years now, the Western media has been avoiding coverage of the horror. But thanks to The Economist stunning cover story,“Gendercide — What Happened to 100 Million Baby Girls?” the story has been brought to light by one of the most respected business magazines in the world.

In many nations of the world, Like China and India there is an all-out war on baby girls. In 1990, economist Amartya Sen estimated that 100 million baby girls were missing, sacrificed by parents who desired a son. Two decades later, multiple millions of missing baby girls must be added to that total, victims of abortion, infanticide, or fatal neglect.

The murder of girls is especially common in China and northern India, where a preference for sons produces a situation that is nothing less than critical for baby girls.

China’s one child per family, and preference for boys, has lead to a side effect they did not see coming, a Human Trafficking Boom. The Economist states; “China alone stands to have as many unmarried young as the entire population of young men in America. In any country rootless young males spell trouble; in Asian societies, where marriage and children are the recognized routes into society, single men are almost like outlaws. Crime rates, bride trafficking, sexual violence, even female suicide rates are all rising and will rise further as the lopsided generations reach their maturity.”

We have multiple issues here:

1. The genocide of girls, via abortion, murdered after birth, neglected unto death.

2. Young girls sold to human trafficking as a way to get rid of unwanted girl child.

3. Young girls being taking (kidnapped, bought, tricked though deception, est.) from other nation by traffickers and brought in to fill the shortage of girls caused by the genocide of girls the last 20 years.

I applaud The Economist for writing this article, saying what everyone else has been hiding their faces from: “It is no exaggeration to call this gendercide. Women are missing in their millions–aborted, killed, neglected to death.” Please read the article but don’t just let be head knowledge, let it be a call to action for you, stand up for the millions of girls that are not only being gendercide, but that are being Trafficked into the sex slave market as well. Visit my website on human trafficking

So now that you know, what are you going to do about it?

Read The Economist article here.

Not Natasha D Popa Dana Popa a photo-artist based in London who travelled to the Republic of Moldova and through her photos has document the experiences and the stories of sex-trafficked women and their families. Her book title is ‘Not Natasha’, ‘Natasha’ is the nickname given to Sex trafficked girls with Eastern European looks.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Moldova is one of the main trafficking source countries for women and children. It is estimated that between 200,000 and 400,000 women have been sold into prostitution abroad – up to 10% of the female population. In Moldova, Popa worked with the International Organisation for Migration Shelters and Winlock International where she was given access to photograph and document the experiences of 17 women who had been trafficked.

In 2007 Autograph ABP commissioned Popa to return to Moldova where she began to collect the stories of the disappeared and photograph the families, the homes and in some cases the children who have been left behind. Finally, Popa returned to the UK where she documented the spaces where trafficked women are forced into prostitution in the brothels of Soho, London.

Books like this help make the stories real and personal, they give a face to human trafficking, to the victims of the sex industry, people can easily dismiss faceless stories as not real. But when you look at the face of a young girl while reading here story, it becomes real, a real person, who’s life is being destroyed. The are no longer faceless.

Read the full story by Dana Popa, and see more photos from her series at Lens Culture.

This work was commissioned by Autograph ABP, and won the Jerwood Photography Award. It is currently on display in London at Photofusion Gallery through September 18, 2009. You can also buy the book, with more insightful essays about this worldwide problem. You may buy the book “Not Natasha” here.

child behind bars "The horror is that our children are victimized twice — first by the prostitution and then by the broken system that treats them like criminals while the buyers are given a slap on the wrist, if anything at all. What kind of message is this sending?" asked Founder and President of Shared Hope International, Linda Smith.

This is something I have complained about for years, when I first saw this in action while in YWAM working with teen’s living on the street caught up in the sex trade, law enforcement had no interest in helping the girls, only arresting them. I make this point on my website Not For Sale on my The Victims page.

Shared Hope International will release a groundbreaking report on child sex trafficking in the United States at the Congressional Human Trafficking Briefing on Capitol Hill hosted by the Human Trafficking Caucus and Victims’ Rights Caucus led by Congressman Poe (TX) and Congressman Smith (NJ),  will open a panel discussion on the findings of more than four years of research in America. It highlights the harsh reality that hundreds of thousands of American children are victimized through sex trafficking in the US driven by the demand for the commercial sex acts they perform. A child sex trafficking victim who is purchased for sex by 5 different men per night, 5 nights per week for an average of 5 years would have been raped by 6,000 buyers during her victimization through prostitution. Many of these child rapists are never charged or prosecuted while the young victims’ lives are destroyed.

"From our investigative research gathered from 11 cities across the nation, we’ve found so many victims of domestic minor sex trafficking that are misidentified, and labeled as prostitutes. They are sold every day, every night in every city in America," said Smith. Watch human rights surveillance video instantly here:

Visit Shared Hope International’s website

Visit Not For Sale my website on human trafficking


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