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I am loved by God and a lover of God, I am Lovesick for God, therefore my worship is passionate.

And he answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind,…” Luke 10:27

Let them praise his name with dancing, let them sing praises to him with drums and guitar! Psalm 149:3

Sing aloud, O daughter of Zion; shout, O Israel! Rejoice and exult with all your heart, O daughter of Jerusalem! Zephaniah 3:14

Those three verses are inseparable to me.


Which of the two groups of people above would you say are passionately worshiping God, passionately in love with God? If a non-believer walked in theses two services which one would they say, WOW, they really love God? WOW, They are passionately about Jesus? Which one do you think they would say, I want to know about the God they are worshiping? Which one would you say God is in a intimate relationship with them? Acts like their God is extravagant in His affections for them? Looks like their God is a consuming fire of passionate love for them? Is Jealous for the love and devotion of His people?

As for me, the answers to those questions are at the heart of why I had no interest in every church I walked into until I was 25, why had I a distorted understanding of God and church.

When it comes to love I am passionate, expressive and emotional and in scripture, we see God is too.

The Lord your God is in your midst, one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will rest in his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.” Zephaniah 3:17

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” Matthew 18:0

Is the way on the Left how you respond to a God that is rejoicing over you with LOUD signing? Not me. To God in your midst? Not me.

This is my story, my personal life experience.

I have walked into many churches like on the Left in my lifetime, that’s why I never liked going to church in my youth, my teens, up to my mid-twenties. I found the “worship” boring, and dead, and I did not understand a word of the songs in the hymnal’s, like “Would He devote that sacred Head” and “For their feete runne to euil”, I would think who talks like that to anyone, especially to God? And what the heck does that even mean? I would not talk to a girl like that, that I was in love with, was passionate about. So nether would I talk to God like that being in love with Him.

Add in the legalistic, harsh loveless sermons they preached, their God scared me, their God did not beckon me into a love relationship with Him. He was not someone who wanted a love relationship with me, or loved me. The way they worshiped showed me God was not someone you sought to have a love relationship with. I would look around and everyone looked like that were mad, or depressed, or bored with God and well, and this was their worship of the God they say they loved, and who loved them!

One thing for sure I never linked the “joy of the Lord”, “God is love” to their worship. Their worship was not an expression of love for God, passion for God, or even God is love. I could not stand the worship time, or the sermons so I was never part of a church growing up. I really believed God was harsh, unemotional, unloving, very distant from man. He was just not someone you had a love relationship with, based on how the people were worshiping Him. They might have said the words “God is love”, “God loves you”, but their lack of a deep intimate personal love relationship with God being displayed in their worship, said otherwise, their worship did not match their words.

“At Calvary Chapel: I knew they loved God and God loved them, they were in a love relationship with God.”

Then God lead me to Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, the first time I was there and I was blown away by the worship, in awe, for the first time in my life I witnessed worship of God, people in love with God. Because I had been to football games, I had seen what people are like when they are passionate about someone or something, I had crushes on girls, I know how you act when you’re crazy about someone. And Jesus even tells us we are to love God even more than our loved ones. That first time I was at Calvary, I saw people who were passionately in love with God, crazy in love with Jesus, for the first time I saw people worship God with all their being and I was in awe. They not only looked happy but were ecstatic, full of uncontainable joy. I could see they loved God, I saw people worshiping like God loved them, they were in a love relationship with God. I wanted to know their God, the one they were in love with. The songs were alive and personal from their heart to God, and in simple modern English that I could understand, words that connected to my heart. I was overwhelmed, and I want to know God like they did. to love God like they did. Know His love like they did. I wanted to know the God that they were so in love with, that stirred such passion in them. And so for the first time in my life, I became part of a church.

“I wanted to know the God those people were so in love with, so passionate about.”

Before Calvary Chapel I knew Jesus died for my sins, that He was my savor, but until Calvary Chapel I never knew, saw or experienced God was a God of love, and He wanted a love relationship with me, that I could have a passionate love relationship with Him.

It’s been many years since that day I walked into Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, and I have grown in breadth and length and height and depth, in my relationship, and love of God, of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ, so thus has my worship, but still I am not even at the level I want to be at.

I am by nature a passionate person, affectionate and romantic when I am passionate about something or someone, it shows, so I worship with great passion, how can one not when worshiping the God of Creation, the God who came in the flesh to suffer and die for me. How can I not be excited, want to raise my hands to the one who was raised from the dead for me, jump with joy, dance with gladness, shout, cry, scream with arms wide open, proclaim my love to Him, be filled with joy and smile ear to ear. I must, everything in me cries out to Him, my love must be expressed with all my mind, strength, and body, and so I do. That’s me, how I roll, I cannot just sit in a pew unemotional, singing songs that are not from my heart.

Which group looks like God is inhabiting their praises like the bible says He will? For me it’s the ones on the Right, because that is how I express love.



Psalm 16:11 says “in your presence there is fullness of joy” which group looks like their is in the presence of God, loos like there is fullness of joy? As for me the ones on the Right to me.

Who looks like they are gazing on the face of the One who sits on the throne? To me, in my experience as one who does, the people on the Right.

Who looks like they are worshiping, in love with the God who became a man, suffered and died to have a love relationship with them? The Right as to how I worship the One who died for me.

My choices are based on my life experience, and how I am wired for love and passion, and my personal encounters with God in worship. How God made me, wired me, how I express and perceive love.

The service on the Left screams Rituals vs. Relationship, what Jesus condemned the Pharisees for. Making Judaism all about a set of rituals and laws to follow, things to do rather than have a love relationship with God. King David understood what it was all about, about passionately pursuing the heart of God, but the Pharisees did not.

“if I am not going to get to worship God at the level everything in me screams to do and say, why even be there?”

As for me, if I cannot have the freedom to passionately worship and love God at the level my heart desires to, I don’t want to go there. I would rather just stay home, if I am not going to get to worship God at the level everything in me scream to do and say, pour out my heart to God, why even be there? So that is why I would not go to a church like the ones in the Left photos, it’s just not me.

“like the rocks I would have to cry out praises to God, shout out the Name above every name”

To just sit there week after week unemotional, un-passionately, sing songs that say nothing of the love I feel for God, I would explode, like the rocks, I would have to cry out praises to God, shout out the Name above every name. Dance with joy before my Lord like King David (OK, not naked like he did). Not falling on my face before Him crying out Holy, Holy is the Lamb on the throne. Worship with total abandonment, be all in with all that I am, heart (Emotions & Affections), soul (Life), strength (Body, Actions) and mind (Thoughts) is unacceptable, I must worship God.

I’m just saying that is me, where I am in my relationship with God, the level of love I have and level of worship I desire to give God. I’m not attacking or condemn others who choose to worship like churches on the Left, who choose be part of a church like that. I choose to go where I am free to passionately worship God, love God with total abandonment to my heart’s content. Come before the throne of God and gaze upon His beauty and dance with joy before Him, and sing loud from my heart to Him who sits on the throne.


I am like the guy on the Right when I worship, and at the top of the page, I am all in, totally abandoned in my love and worship of God, and I will not give Him anything less.

The words to the song “You Won’t Relent” by Misty Edwards says it for me.

For there is love that is as strong as death
Jealousy, demanding as the grave
And many waters cannot quench this love

I don’t want to talk about You
Like You’re not in the room
I want to look right at You
I want to sing right to You

I seek to be in a group that looks like that is true for them. Who looks like God is in the room with them, who looks like they are looking God in the face and singing to Him. Who look like they are in love with a God who is in love with them?

I’ve tasted and seen, of the sweetness of the presence of Jesus, the moving of the Holy Spirit, and I want to stay there. Churches on the Left are why I never wanted to be part of a church, had a distant relationship with God, knew not of His love and was a periodical son tell I was 25, and I will never be part of one. Churches on the Right are why I have a passionate love relationship with God, with His word, and so there I will stay.

If you like, want a church like the one on the Left, then be part of a church like that, just don’t expect me to, because I will not. And I do not care what others think, I worship for an audience of one, He who sits on the throne.

This is not open for debate, I will not love God less or less passionately than I do now and how I express it. I am unapologetic about this because I’ll never be sorry or apologetic for loving God and passionately worshiping Him.


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What do I want when I gather with my fellow followers of Jesus, Worship, Passionate, from the heart, Spontaneous worship. Prayer time, Jesus said the house of God will be a house of prayer, so I expect a time of giving and receiving of prayer for the whole body. Teaching of the word, verse by verse teaching from the bible. Followed by fellowship, true life to life fellowship, both after the gathering, and continuing  through out the week.


I am a on the floor worshiper (Like the photo’s), I must stand, not set in a pew, so I can dance, jump, raise my hands, be able to lay prostate on the floor, or kneel. Sing Spontaneous songs to the Lord, shout out praises, cry, laugh show all my emotion to the Lord. That’s worship for me (and the pattern found in the bible). I must be able to worship in total abandonment freely before the Father.


I will not go to churches that block, prohibit me from doing those things, I will not set quietly in a pew, or sing dead songs that have no meaning to me, that do not speak about the passion and love I have for the Lord. I do not go to be entertained by a band doing performance songs. I go to sing love songs to my Lord.  I do Spontaneous, passionate worship with all my mind, body and soul. If I am in an gathering that does not birth that kind of worship for God, then I am unable to worship God, its like putting me in a straight jacket and gagging me. I must be with other passionate worshipers, with a passionate worship leader and free to be on the floor and worship freely, love on God, sing my love song to Him, cry out to Him. Fall at the foot of His throne and worship Him.

face down worship

Check out this video clip of worship as I like it, look at those on the floor, that is where I am found loving on God with passion during worship. This is The More I Seek You + Spontaneous Worship with Steffany Frizzell leading.



I came to the realization that the worship services at Forerunner Christian Fellowship (IHOP) called “Encounter Service” as well as when we where doing the “Awaking Services” four nights a week they really where a good live demonstration of peoples worship life with God. This is what I mean.

The 1st level is those of us (me included) who take to the floor in front of the stage, or the alter as its often referred to. We are the ones who worship God with all our being, the fiery passionate ones. The ones who are their to get in God’s face and worship Him. The ones who worship with total abandonment. The ones like myself will not settle for any other place other than on the floor, front and center before God. The floor is where the radicals are, we stretch out our hands to God, sing with loud voices, cry out our own words of love and praise to God. We dance with joy. We laugh with joy. Cry with total awe of God and what He has done for us. We lay prostrate on the floor overtaken by God. We fall before Him unable at time to speak, just soak in His presence. We expect God to show up in power. We pursue God tell He shows up or we ascend before Him in heaven, that’s why we are their.

2nd level, are those who set in the chairs on the floor. This is made up of three groups, those who want to be on the floor, but got there too late to get on the floor. Those who do to circumstance, such as have young children with them and need to stay with their kids. Thirdly those who are passionate worshipers but not quite at the level as us on the floor. The are engaged in deep heart worship, stand with hands raised, but that is where they stop. They like to go to the edge of the fire, but not go into it.

3rd level, our those in the bleachers, this is a mix, a few who got there too late to get on the floor, or even a seat in the floor, but want to be there. Next is those whom really are not there to encounter God, to worship Him with deep passion. The might sing with a song or two that they like, even raise a hand, if the song calls for it, but that’s it. If you look around you will find people texting on their phone, having conversation with each others next to them. Pretty much occupied with other things, not God. This area is pretty much worship at best what you find in the average church on Sunday morning. They are there physically, but not with all their hearts, they do not go expecting to encounter God.

4th level, these people that are walking around, mostly saying hi to others setting in the bleachers and the others walking past them doing the same thing. Or they stand in the lobby talking with each other, or outside the entranceway talking with each other or on the phone. I feel these people are just their to been seen and so they can say “I was at worship”.

I think this really is a great example or proving ground to what kind of worshiper someone is. Me like I said I’m and there early and up front on the floor kind of worshiper. This is why I can no longer or will not go to a typical church service, where you set in pew and watch a rock show be put on for 20 min or so. I have to worship God with all of my being. And I go expecting, desiring God to move, show up in power. Read part 2


Imagine if the wise men had gotten tired waiting for that bright star and had decided to quit that night and go to bed. They would have easily missed the star that would eventually lead them to Jesus. But they new the scriptures, they new the season of the coming of the promised one, the Messiah. And they where sensitive to the leading of God, because they where living in expectance of the coming of the promised one, know the season according to scripture, they where ready to receive the coming one. (more…)


It’s not the fast-paced songs or the dynamic highly skilled band or the fancy light show and sound system that helps us worship, that is have real worship. It’s our personal revelation of who God is that leads us to a place of reverent worship where we do not feel the need of a worship leader or a band to get us there. The wise men knew who Jesus was and therefore required no high adrenaline music, no introduction, no motivation. Absolutely nothing but the revelation of God drove them to seek Him out and brought them to their knees in worship before Him. (more…)

Woke up covered with the presences of the Holy Spirit after spending last night in radical worship & prayer with the body at IHOP.org. God’s presents was so heavy on me, His Spirit filled my thoughts and my very being.

The Spirit was moving on everyone in a big way last night. The Spirit was working in me in a big way, a time of repenting in my heart, a time of renewal in my spirit. A time of weeping and morning followed with a time of rejoicing and celebration. A time of Dancing with shouts of joy and laugher before the Lord.

I find that always happens on the mornings after the last thing I do is spent the night in God presence, gather with the body for fiery worship. A night in passionate worship and prayer. Immersed in His presents and His word. If you do that you will wake up covered in His presence and if you start your day off in radical worship and prayer, you will walk coved in the fire of His presents all day long.

It is amazing how we can find the time to spend 2 hours watching a movie or TV show before bed, but can not spend 2 hours in worship and prayer. The more time I spend in passionate worship and prayer, I want to spend even more time in worship and prayer. Like the scriptures say “Taste and See That the Lord Is Good” and once you do, you can’t get enough of His presence.

0226185619Was at IHOP.org awakening for a few hours, I really came to understand the verse that says to God a thousand days are as one with Him. I was engaged in worship that took me into the throne room, I was overwhelmed with the presence of God for what seemed like hours. But at one point I opened my eyes and it had just been for just over an hour that the worship begin. In God present time does stand still, and the more I am in it, the more I want it. What was a few hours in worship and prayer seamed like a day, and I left wanting more. To go deeper and longer.

So thankful that both I have a place of 24/7 worship that allows me to gather with passionate loves of Jesus for worship and prayer any time I want. But also for the movement of His Spirit and the work is is doing right now. Awakening the students there, calling them to a greater encounter with Him and the power of the Holy Spirit. Making them radical lovers and worshipers of God.

Jump-for-Joy 2 The word in the English bible Praise, actually in the Hebrew and Greek text it is not as Americans define, envision it. In the original languages of the bible, there are 52 Hebrew words in the Hebrew text (OT) and 29 Greek words in the Greek text (NT) of which the majority are translated as simply Praise. In church today it has come to mean something much less that what the bible says it is.

Here are some of the key Hebrew words used in the scriptures and their meaning:

Havah worship, kneel
Samah rejoice, be glad
Yadah to worship with extended hands – to though out the hands
Hallal to be loud, to boast, to be clamorously foolish
Barak to kneel
Shabach to shout in a loud tone
Karar to dance
Pazaz to leap
Patzah to bust forth with
Rana shouts of joy
Gil shout, to circle in joy
Rinnah shout in triumph
Tzavah to cry out

Some of the Greek words and their meanings:

Allomai to leap
Gonupeteo kneel down
Kampto to bend knee
Proskuneo to fall down and worship
Skirtao to leap with joy

That’s just a 18 of the 81 Hebrew and Greek words in the scriptures you read simply translated “Praise”, the key and most used ones. So when was the last time your church gathering worship service was the people doing any of these things listed above. How about you when was the last time you where loud and clamorously foolish (I love that one), extended your hands with a shout in a loud voice, danced or leaped with joy, or fell on you face before God. Most important to note is Not one of the 81 words is defined as sitting, being quite, or being somber, not one of the 81 words. They are all physical actions with loud voices.

This is how God defied to Praise Him, the words He used when instructing Israel in worship and praise, they are word that described how God’s people praised Him, what they did to praise Him. The words Paul used to teach the gentile believers in how to praise God, it gives us a glimpse at what the first century church worship services looked like.

I say let’s go back to the days of old when the people of God, worshiped and praised Him like this. I would love to see this as the normal worship service, real worship and praise going on, not this sit in your seats and set back and enjoy the show on stage, but instead a bunch of people being  loud and clamorously foolish.