I became aware yesterday of just how thankful I should be of the mercy of God towards me, as it was brought to my attention just how many people whom called themselves Christians I have known over the years. That ether no longer walk with Christ, have left the faith completely, in other beliefs now. That have traded the truths of God for the lies of others. That now follow another Jesus, one created in their own image, a god to their own liking, one who agrees with their beliefs. So many that have stop believing the truths of and about God because of events in their lives, or just a shift in how they wanted to live their lives, the lifestyle they want to live out, what they want to be truth for them.

I thank God that I have never left Him or forsake Him or His truths, that I have by His grace and Spirit have stood firm on the bible and what it teaches. Clung to biblical Jesus, the real Jesus, and have not made a Jesus in my image. That despite my trials and hardships, failures, sin, attacks, deceptions, disappointments in life, I have stood with God. That while so many other have left the faith all together or adapted a different Jesus, and God in their own image and not the one the Word of God reveals. A different bible, one with all the verses cut out they do not like. I have kept the faith in God, Jesus and His word as it is written, God is still my God, the God of the bible, biblical Jesus, the word of God is 100% the Word of God. I have no other in heaven but The God of the bible, The Biblical Jesus who hung on a cross for me.

Last night at the worship gathering, we song a song and part of the lyrics the Spirit highlighted to me, and spoke to about was. “test me, prove me, refine me, threw the fire like fine gold.” I saw that I have been tested by fire, and have not left the faith, traded the truths of God, the bible for the lies of men and Satin.

I have clung to the God of Israel, the God of the bible, and I thank God for His mercy, for His Spirit that has keep me, I know that God has had His hand in it all, that it is Him who has keep me from falling. As the famous saying of John Bradford goes “There but for the grace of God, go I.” that is I might have suffered a similar fate, but for God’s mercy that has keep me with Him.

I pray that the Lord will continue to keep me close to Him, that I will never be lead astray, decided or make a god in my own image. But will always be tested and fund true.

I am humbled by the grace of God that has kept me when so many others have fallen.

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