The Geneva Push? Yet another church planting movement.

The Geneva Push? Yet another church planting movement.

geneva push Yes, there is a new a church planting movement, this one in Australia called The Geneva Push? (news story here). I do not quite get the name, what does the name Geneva have to do with Australia anyway, when I saw the name I immediately thought of Geneva Switzerland, as I’m sure most people did.

With that said, I must protest, Another church planting movement? I think we have to many now, all I have to say about them is enough, stop already. Speaking as one who has been part of a couple of them, we do not need them, they are just excuses to do nothing. To set around and talk about what we have already been told to be an active part of. Commissioned to Go and participate in.

First off we do not plant churches, that is Jesus job, He said so (Mat 16:18). It is done by the work of the Holy Spirit. We are invited to participate, we have a part to play in doing it. Preach the Gospel, make disciples, Baptize and teach the Word of God. There it is, meeting over. Then Jesus said when the Spirit has come “You will receive power”, Go, He has come, you have the power, so just Go. The power of the Holy Spirit trumps anything any man can give me in a meeting, any thing on earth in fact.

The only meeting we need to attend is fellowship with the Holy Spirit, to be in prayer daily, talking with God, getting our orders for the day. Walk with Christ, be filled with the Holy Spirit, and GO do what we where told to do. Yes it is that simple.

I think we need more daily meeting with God, walking in the Spirit and doing as Nike says “Just Do It”.

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