The Life Never Had

The Life Never Had


As it seems the end is drawing near for me (due to my current situation), this came to mind, some things I wish I had done, experienced, had before I died.

* Been a husband and father.
* To have been loved, have the love of a wife and my children.
* Known what it was like to wake up every morning knowing I was loved and excepted.
* To wake up every morning and know I had had meaning, purpose, to known I mattered to someone.
* To have had a life like Gorge Muller, a man of great faith, of great prayer, a preacher of the gospel to the nations, to have had 50,000 answered prayers by my last day of life and to have rescued the poor and needy.
* Have God well pleased with me and my life.

It’s not just that I want a wife, but what I really want is a family, my own family, a family that is loving.  To be in a home full of love. Someone whom excepts my love and loves me back. And I fiercely seek children to love, and they love me back. To reproduce from me and my wife’s a being, our bodies, life, from the fruit of our love for one another to instill life into.


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