The persecution of Christians

The persecution of Christians

Here’s a look at the year 2010 in review show some of the persecution Christians have undergone in a few countries:

Iraq – In Iraq, Christians have been targeted specifically, and very little is done for their protection. The massive flight of Christians from this country and lack of security for them should have been seen as an early-warning sign that something was very wrong with the overall system.

Malaysia – This country enforced the world’s only religious affirmative action government program that benefits the majority over the minority, guaranteeing Muslims jobs and education over Christians.

Indonesia – Christians have been killed, and many churches have been shut down by local governments, particularly in the Bekasi region. The country also witnessed a steep increase in violence against Christians that was certainly connected to hard-line Islamists calling for violence against the Christian population.

Afghanistan – Christians were imprisoned for conversion, a charge punishable by death. Two Christians remain in jail. This reflects the growing momentum supporting hard-line Islamists and the increasing authority the Taliban is able to wield over Kabul. Christians became a pawn in the political chess game.

Egypt – Coptic Christian women have been abducted and forced to convert to Islam, their cases ignored and often met with aggression and humiliation by the police. A recent suicide bombing of an Alexandria church killed 21. It was in direct response to a call from Al Qaeda declaring all Christians in the Middle East as targets. Egypt has long been a country of double standards, hiding behind the glittering tourist image it presents to the West while it all but forces millions of its citizens (underclass Christians) to make their living sifting through garbage heaps.

India – Perhaps the most “diverse” country in the world, there has been precious little tolerance for Christians. 2010 witnessed hundreds of attacks against Christians, including government programs assuring jobs for underclass Hindus and Buddhists but not for Christians.

As we can see persecution is alive and well in the world, and this is just the tip of the isburg, and as we draw closer to the return of Jesus it will but only get worse.

Remember to pray for Christians who are being persecuted around the world.

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