The Quest to Find a New Bible, Why is it So Hard to Find a Good Bible?

The Quest to Find a New Bible, Why is it So Hard to Find a Good Bible?

Set out on a quest this past weekend to get a new bible, mine is worn out, starting to fall apart, I usually have to replace mine about every 4 or 5 years. And I must say it has been a journey of frustration and disappointment looking for a new one for two reasons, the choice of verity of style and the quality of the bibles.

First, I will start with the quality, one only has to read the reviews on Amazon to see what I mean. Shabby quality, poor binding, poor paper and printing quality. I found this in every bible I looked at, for all most every publishers. I think one review summed it up well, bible are now being printed in China by the lowest bidder on each printing. Publishers take note, this is the bible, the word of God, not some cheap paperback romance here. Great care should be given to print the highest quality bible as possible.

Second, verity, selection and I am not speaking in terms of versions/translations here. I will only use two translations, the NKJV and the NAS Updated, for the last 20 years I have used NJKV bibles. I prefer word for word translations of the word of God so I use only those two. I am speaking of layout and features.

It seems that today Study bibles are dominating the market now, there are so many versions of them out there, it’s like if you want a bible now days you have to get a study bible. I do not like or want a study bible, why:

When I read the word of God I seek God to speak to me though it. So I stay away from study bibles becouse I do not want all the clutter and noise of someone’s personal opinion and theology in the way while I am reading the word. I’m actual one who studies the word of God and does not rely on someone to do it for me and give me the cliff notes on it, and trust they are right.

All I’m asking for is a nice verity of the bible, just the bible, the word of God, not a book full of someone opinions of what the word says

  • Great cross references
  • A nice concordance with more than 3 or 4 references per word
  • Full size bible with pages large enough to add a few lines of notes here and there, say like 7 x 10in
  • Font big enough you do not need the eyes of an eagle or magnifying glass to read, like a 9 font
  • Some nice maps, maybe helps like a list of the Harmony of the Gospel, the Parables, Major Payers, Prophecies of the Messiah fulfilled in Jesus, daily reading plan, est.
  • And 5 or 10 blank pages in the back for our own references & notes.

Just a high quality bible that contains the word of God (with out someone’s comments) with cross references, that is bigger than a box of cracker jacks is that to much to ask, I mean really.

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