The Ultimate Church Leadership, Church Planting Conference Team.

The Ultimate Church Leadership, Church Planting Conference Team.

The ultimate church leadership, church planting conference speaking team that I would like to see, be at.

My list of speakers: Greg Laurie, Francis Chan, Ed Stetzer, Steve Trimmis, Tim Chester, Tim Keller, Loren Cunningham, Matthew and Tommy Barnett, John MacArthur and Chuck Smith.


Greg Laurie – Harvest church
Started his church as a home bible study age the of 19, now it’s a church of 15,000. Has done the Heaviest Crusades for over 15 years with over 500,000 salvations to its credit. He knows evangelism and how church should be done, all about reaching the lost and making disciples and he can teach the word like no one else.

Francis Chan – Cornerstone Community Church
He has doing church right, understands it and is going for the biblical church we see in Acts. He amended his churches budget so that 50% everything they receive goes right back out the door to the poor, starving and missions. Gave up a $20 mil building and gave the money away instead. And can teach the word of God most excellent.

Ed Stetzer – LifeWay
He gets missional; he understands the church is not to just set there, it has a purpose, it is sent out. It is to be moving into the world for the sake of the Gospel.

Steve Timmis, Tim Chester – The Crowed House / Total Church
They get church is a community, how to be the church in its simplest and most organic from, a community on a mission for the sake of the gospel. If a church does not have community right, first, they do not have church.

Tim Keller – Redeemer
He gets the gospel is the center of everything, need I say more.

Loren Cunningham – Youth With A Mission
Founder of YWAM, nobody knows or understands missions or how to do it like him. Pastors can learn the urgency and necessity of missions being a priority of the church. The church need to send out both church planters and missionaries.

Pastors Matthew and Tommy Barnett – The Dream Center LA
They understand the churches roll in meeting both the physical and spiritual needs of the community, how to transform the city for the sake of the gospel, transforming the city, the whole person. They know God is about the redemption of all of creation, the whole person. They know how to take the church beyond the four walls.

John MacArthur – Grace Community Church
John is in the top 50 most influential Christians in the world (2008), not because his teaching tickles the ears and makes him popular. But because he knows how to study and teach the word of God without compromise to please man. He stands firm on the word of God, the gospel and biblical Jesus. He is on the short list of pastors left who know the word of God and actual teach the word of God. He is one to learn how to study and teach the word without compromise. He may be dated in some of his methodology, but he has the fundamentals and dedication that every pastor today needs.

Chuck Smith – Calvary Chapel
God changed the face of Christianity and how church is done through him. Calvary Chapel, Chuck Smith was the primary vehicle God use to fuel the Jesus movement that spread across the globe. He birthed the modern praise music we use, birthed Christian rock music. And the best estimates are that God added 10’s of millions (salvations) to the church directly or indirectly through Chuck. Calvary grew not like churches today by church transplants, but by new salvations, they baptized over 500 a month for 20+ years. What other living pastor can make such a claim? He knows what it is to be God’s man to change the world. Chuck understands rising up new leaders, Calvary sent over 1500 young pastors who planted new churches. When you count in the Vineyards, yes John Wimber came out of, start with Calvary Chapel that is anther 1500 that came out indirectly via Chuck Smith. He is also one of the most gifted bible teachers alive today. There are volume to be learned from this man, he is the likes of a Charles Spurgeon or D. L. Moody. you want to learn how to raise up leaders and send them out, he is your man.

This is just a buch of guys I would like to put together and hear their story, learn what they have learned from God. How they got to that place to be used by God. Even just a day with each of them, break some bread and talk would be great.

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