The Word Free Bible Software Review.

The Word Free Bible Software Review.


I have been using e-Sword bible software ever since it came out in the late 90’s, it is a free and great bible program. And in my opinion as well as other it is as good as the best paid ones.

Well last week I was introduced to a new, old free bible software package called The Word. It turns out that Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa took over the program and remade it with the help of Calvary Chapel Bible college.

Well I have been trying it out the last week, and I am sold, it is great, e-Sword does beat it in some functions. But The Word has some awesome functions that give is a big edge. e-sword has more bible versions and commentaries at this time. But The Word has fare more book that you can load in the book reader.

One of the feature I like, if you have the program open on you computer, if you have a bible verse say John 3:16 on a web page, in a email, or a word doc, highlight it, hit ctrl C, and a box pops up with the verse for you to read. No need to look it up. Nice.

You can view a training video that will not only teach you about it give the the story of the development of it here.

The only down side to The Word program is the same one e-sword had, each of the bible, Commentary, Dictionaries and books must be downloaded separately and installed, which it time consuming.

You do have to buy the premium bible translations and commentaries like Amplified and the New International Version. But their is a long list of free bibles and great commentaries like ESV, Brown-Driver-Briggs’ Thayer’s Greek, Matthew Henry’s, John Gill’s and the Pulpit Commentary.

Download a copy and give it a try, you will find it a very useful free tool for bible study. You can even in portable form, this means that you can load it on a USB flash drive and use it from there on any computer.

Try both and compare, like me you might find both worth keeping.  More bibles and other resources a coming monthly to the word project as more developers release them so it is a every growing project.

You can down load the free software here.

From this page you can download add-on modules here.

Unofficial 3rd party modules & external sites here.

You may also click on the icon to download.

theWord Bible Software

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